Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner

  • Tracey Maknis, Middlebury CT

    I have taken multiple classes from Chantal. She is a caring, talented, and knowledgeable teacher. Reiki 1, 2, & 3 were "live classes" and each class taught me so much; always building on what I had learned in a previous class.
    I have also taken Shamanism 101 and via Zoom Medical Intuitive, the 2 masterclass (Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Reiki,) and & most recently Soul Retieval and I was delighted how wonderful the online classes were in terms of education and value. I would highly recommend taking a class that resonates with you, either in person or via Zoom. I am looking forward to taking the next class to continue my educational journey very soon.

    • Carol Schoeler, New Milford CT

      I have been Chantal's student for about a year and a half. I received the following individual certifications from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute: Reiki I, II & III Master, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Reiki, Shamanic Divination, Elemental Healing, Advanced Divination and Dream & Messages Interpretation, Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp.
      There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for Chantal – this incredible beautiful soul, teacher, healer, educator for all the love and patience and guidance and her providing the tools for me to be healthy happy and whole. I gained with this program the confidence, knowledge and ability to now work with my own clients and I will continue to take class from her and pick her brain as much as possible.
      If you want to change your life or career I recommend the IEM Institute's programs. Love and light

    • Jennie Ellis, Shelton CT

      I have been to many different energy healing workshops, lectures and wellness centers, but after taking several classes with Chantal I can honestly say that I gained the most from the insights and expertise I gained through the IEM Institute courses.
      After each workshop, playshop, or drum circle, I walk away with more knowledge on how to heal myself in order to begin to serve as a healing facilitator for others. Chantal’s method of teaching as well as her philosophies about our ability to heal ourselves truly resonate with me and motivate me to keep coming back.
      In the Therapeutic Dream Interpretation Course, Chantal covered much of the information that was introduced to me while I studied Psychology in college, but in Chantal’s course this information was taken off the page and applied to the group in a real, tangible, experiential way. I came away not only with meaningful insights about my dreams, but also with a refreshed excitement about what kinds of incredible secrets lie within our dreams, our hearts and our minds.
      The skills I gained from the Shamanism 101 course as well her Reiki training furthered my belief in our ability to access as well as utilize these latent secrets waiting within us. It is in truly knowing oneself that we are able to love the self, and through love comes the great healing we all seek.
      Anyone who is seeking to find something greater within their life or within their self, I highly recommend you invest in a class with Chantal and you will not be disappointed.
      Jennie receive IEMI certifications for Reiki I, II, and III Mastership, Shamanism 101, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Reiki, Shamanic Divination, Elemental Healing, Advanced Divination and is still working to complete the Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner certification.

    • Rebecca Flood, Westport, CT

      This is my 8th training with Chantal, 3 of which were Reiki Certifications. This does not include a retake of some classes. I can vouch for Chantal’s authenticity, clarity, commitment, personal experience, integrity, and intuition. She lives and breathes these metaphysical teachings; and has been at it for most of her life. The day is full; she would keep going if there were more hours in the day. Her knowledge extends far beyond the 20 page manual that accompanies each class.
      I am a yogi of 12 years; and still, I admit I have some skepticism. I explore many philosophies. I am taking these certifications to contrast and compare. Chantal’s explanations jive with my most authentic teachers, living, and no longer on the planet. Yet she a living local teacher, offering her life work at very reasonable prices. She honors my many questions with patience and compassion. Her integration and understanding allows explanations to come forth with ease; while I am just trying to understand it intellectually.
      I highly recommend all of Chantal’s trainings.

    • Reiki 1, 2, 3 Certification Training

    • Dillon's Mother

      My 9 year old son, was diagnosis in August of 2018 with adrenal insufficiency due to a rare reaction from asthma steroid medication. Dillan received Reiki energy medicine from Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 students practicing to complete the required 40 and 80 hours or Reiki on others to take the next level.
      Dillon received 5 distant reiki sessions from IEMI Reiki 2 & 3 students over a course of a couple weeks in July and it gave him the boost that he needed. His energy level spiked, he is happier, clearer headed, and now is being more proactive in wanting to participate in just “life”. His speech has become clearer, he is able to think clearly to what he wants to say and be able to articulate it so we can understand it. I am noticing that he is laughing more and telling jokes again. His skin color is a healthy color and his blue eyes are sparkling, no longer dull. His attitude changed dramatically from depressed and anger to just happiness, confidence. He is spontaneous and willing to try things that before he said was too stupid. He jumps up and is running around being active.
      I am seeing more of the sweet happy boy from long ago in such a short period of time. I told him that he received distant reiki, he looks at me like not fully understanding how it all works but I tell him that he received it, asks him how he feels, he always says he feels great and then hugs me. And just recently he sat down with me and was for the first time on his own will curious as to what reiki was all about! Before he would tell me that it was stupid and would turn away from wanting to know what it is.
      The reiki boost he is receiving is exactly what was needed to put that spark of life back, we are still on the road to recovery but it doesn’t seem such a long road any more. I am confident at his next checkup in the fall he will be a healthy full of life 10 year old!

    • Morgan Cottrell

      I did a lot of research to choose a Reiki instructor who has experience/expertise with zoom training and Chantal's company stood out among the rest.
      I also appreciated her vast knowledge in so many healing modalities, so that I can keep expanding on my own through one teacher. I know I made the right choice after I did my Reiki 1 training about 4 weeks.
      I have been practicing the self-healing regimen she recommends daily with profound effects on my medical, mental and emotional health. The most unanticipated and lovely impact has been the personal insights that have come from Reiki which have caused me to evolve in areas of my life that have been stagnant. I've cleared things that I didn't even know I was holding on to, and in changing myself I see the positive effect ripple out into the lives of those closest to me as well. Along with the Reiki, she taught a protection meditation that really works when dealing with folks who are difficult, a very nice bonus. The experiences of being attuned were the most amazing spiritual experiences I've ever had.
      I just signed up for Reiki 2 and genuinely can't wait. I am so excited!

    • Holly Burton, Owner of Walnut Beach Wellness Center, Milford, CT

      I have received healing services from Chantal and participated in her workshops as well as collaborated with her.
      I have done my Reiki level 1 and 2 training with her. She is compassionate and a great healer.

    • Samantha Alder, CT

      I completed Reiki certifications 1 + 2 with Chantal and both learning experiences were amazing. After completing Reiki 1 and practicing on myself for 21 days I now find my mind to be more open and clear. I also have found myself to be more accepting of myself, which was a pretty significant issue pre Reiki 1.
      After completing Reiki 2 I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to successfully perform the sessions without the help of Chantal. But I took the time to review my notes and all materials curated by Chantal herself and I have been practicing frequently on myself and others. Most recently, I performed a distance healing session for a friend and after the close of the treatment I mentioned to my friend that I was sensing something around her ears. She didn't think much of it, but soon went to the doctor's later that same week for another reason and discovered that she in fact has an ear infection! I was elated that I was able to pick up on this and it definitely boosted my confidence. My intuition has always been increasingly strong but it's a great feeling knowing that I can now channel Reiki, be Reiki and harness my abilities to help others.
      Overall you will find that Chantal is a patient and passionate teacher who makes herself readily available to her students. The curriculum and resources are easy to comprehend and well detailed. I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge base and taking more of Chantal's classes in the future.

    • Donna Coughlin, FL/CT

      I am so grateful that my path lead me to Chantal. I recently completed Reiki 1 with her and I now look forward to learning more as she is an extremely knowledgeable and confident guide. The experience was better then anything I could of wished for and I felt like divine energies were definitely at work. Things shifted for me after the certification and I have more clarity and relaxation about my purpose in life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to find a teacher of the healing arts.

    • Sergio O, Fairfield CT

      I came across Chantal's website coincidentally (there are no coincidences in life) while I was doing some research about Reiki. The website was very rich and informative, so I decided to get in touch in order to learn more.
      I signed up for Reiki 1 class and I was very positively impressed by Chantal's passion and ability to explain and teach about this infinitely powerful energy that creates and sustains the entire Universe.
      At the time I was suffering from an inflammation of the sciatic nerve that was giving me much pain and affecting the way I was walking; I was seeing a chiropractor who was definitely helping me, but not entirely. After class, as requested, I started practicing Reiki on myself daily and after a few days, the pain was completely gone. I was so happy with these results that I signed up for Reiki 2 and my intention is to reach the third and final level.
      Without a doubt, Chantal is the go-to person if you want to learn more or discover this practice that will give you the tools to become a channel of God's infinite Power and Love so that He can help others through you.

    • Dana W, Milford CT

      I really enjoyed your reiki 1 class. I gave myself reiki in the morning the following day. Yesterday my daughter had a low fever from teething and fighting off a cold so I gave her reiki. I really felt it flowing for her. Her fever could be felt through her whole body and when I was finished you could slightly feel it only in her head. I’m getting ready for work now and about to give myself some morning reiki! I am having some difficulty getting into the habit to do it but I’m trying to stick with it every day. Hope to see you soon!

    • Jennifer Saslafsky, New Haven CT

      I’ve taken reiki 1 & 2 with Chantal. It has been an amazing experience.
      Last year my dog Bella had cancer on her back paw. I was devastated because she is 10 years old and I didn’t know if it would spread. The drs spoke of possibly doing chemo on her.
      Speaking with my family we decided it was not going to be an option. I made sure every night to do reiki on Bella. I read that animals and children do not need as much as we give ourselves. So I would place my hands on her and leave them there until she decided to get up and move away. That was really all the reiki Bella needed. Today Bella is cancer free and the cancer never spread.

    • Andrea Finnegan, Madison, CT

      Immediately after taking Reiki 1 with Chantal, I felt less anxious about the “what if’s” in life and more trusting of my intuitions. Story: I am a mother of three children, working part time, and I have been searching for almost a year for a yoga teacher training class that would fit my family’s demanding schedule.
      After practicing Reiki 1 on myself for so many days, my mind became comfortable with just letting things “be as they will be”. I stopped trying to search. I had this feeling deep within that a yoga class would appear to me when it was perfect timing. After not trying anymore, within a month, I accidentally (or not so accidentally!) stumbled upon a yoga teaching program that not only made sense schedule -wise for me, but was within only 5 miles from my home.
      I credit this discovery to the trust and confidence that reiki has taught me: to just be. I am so grateful to have so many things fall in place, effortlessly due to my intuition and trust. Reiki 2 has opened my eyes wider at possibilities and the true ways in which all living things are connected. If more people knew of this mindset, think of the positive change it would have on the world, for all of us! Miracles everywhere. Chantal, thank you for your teachings. I look forward to many more.

    • Kimberly Tiddei, Brandford CT

      The class was amazing very informative and so much more of a spiritual experience than I thought it would be! I thought your instruction was really clear and easy to understand and I could tell you genuinely care about teaching your students! I'm super excited to continue my reiki classes. I have been using it on myself for everything from headaches to sore feet after a long day at work. I have been doing the entire body session on myself every day and it feels stronger each time it is absolutely amazing!

    • Maria B., Bethany CT

      I highly recommend receiving Reiki training from Chantal. She is a wonderful teacher who is loving, gracious, kind and knowledgeable. She provides her students with detailed coursework materials to study from and many opportunities to practice this spiritual work. She embodies Reiki and is truly a master in every sense of the word. I will also add that I was completely transformed by learning Reiki.
      My extrasensory perception is significantly enhanced and I have been awakened to the spiritual world in new and amazing ways. You've heard the commercials from advertisers that promise that you'll amaze your friends by the changes that will happen to you when you use their product or take their course? Well that exactly describes what has happened to me.
      My life is full of joy and appears to be guided by the angelic realm. I was just introduced to the work of Doreen Virtue and found myself nodding in agreement while reading all her descriptions of how angels communicate with us, because this is how I now experience life.
      This is not to say that I no longer encounter difficulties; however, the sense of awe from the happenings and gifts received each day has been unending since taking Reiki I and Reiki II and regularly following the practice.
      I very much look forward to taking the Reiki III class with Chantal.

    • Renee Rattray, Guilford CT

      Thank you so much for your email. I have read it over and over. Your words help me understand what happened and what to do. I am doing Reiki on myself almost every day, and I feel it working. Sometimes I go to bed after doing Reiki, and I sleep so deeply that I have to remember who and where I am when I wake up. I am also less fearful, and can feel calm and positive about the future.

    • Laura K., Wallingford CT

      I've recently had the pleasure of studying Reiki 1 with Chantal and can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for finally learning this modality. I had studied with a couple of different teachers and never felt confident enough to practice. With Chantal I found her to be very knowledgeable and she taught in such a way that even the novice beginner could understand. Most important to me was how she honored the sacred space of receiving the attunements separate from class. I left knowing what was expected of me if I chose to move on or not and how simple it can be to use this energy in everyday life. I recommend this class with Chantal as a true blessing and a wonderful gift for self.

      After taking Reiki 2 I can honestly say Chantal is a true inspiration to work with and learn from. She teaches all the curriculum that's needed and also keeps sacred space for attunements which is very important. I left knowing what I am capable of and what exactly is required of me to practice on others to share the gift of Reiki. I've taken a few Rieki classes with other teachers and just never felt the class was taught seriously enough for me to practice but with Chantal it was very clear and she made sure everyone understood how to move forward. Another great gift to learn and share. Forever grateful! — Laura K.

    • Eric Langberg, Kapau HI

      Thanks to both Reiki 1 and 2 training I have received from Chantal, I feel that I have been given dynamic tools to make a difference in the world. My intention as a musician is to promote healing prayers for humanity and Mother Earth. Reiki has allowed me to channel energy in support of this intention without getting "tripped up" by my ego. I highly recommend Chantal's Reiki classes for anyone seeking truly empowering and enriching life experiences.

    • Kim L., Guilford CT.

      I came to Reiki after stopping work as a full time as a psychiatric nurse for over 20 years. I had experienced energy work in the past, and felt I was someone who was sensitive to feeling energy, when healing techniques were used on me.
      After my Reiki 1 certification, I remember a distinct change in my perception, I felt more able to sense the energy of those around me. Doing Reiki on myself, I felt further heightened my perception of energy as I did Reiki sessions on others. Also I just felt more optimistic and more in touch with opportunities, and what the universe could offer me.
      After the Level 2 certification, I began doing more Reiki on others, I began doing distance Reiki on a friend of the family who lives out of state. My perception of the energy I was feeling was intensified, I started to feel more in touch with my Reiki guides and was more able to give feedback to clients I worked on.
      At this point I wanted to be able to share Reiki more, and the opportunities just seemed to present themselves. It felt like the universe made available to me opportunities to pursue what I was interested in; but I also felt like my desires were more in alignment with what my purpose here is. I understood my purpose, and that my experiences in life have lead me to this point. Looking for opportunities to do Reiki, I found the Yale New Haven Hospital uses Reiki volunteers. I applied and was hired to be a Reiki volunteer.
      After several months of volunteering and getting a lot more experience doing Reiki, I had the required 40 hours of practice to take level 3. I then took my Reiki 3 certification class.

      With each class my awareness increased, and my feeling of strength in knowing what my purpose is. My sense of fear went away, I feel more confident in what I am doing. I don’t question it, I don’t worry about it. I know I am doing what I am meant to do.
      This is my story. Reiki has worked for me at this point in my life. But on a basic level, I feel that Reiki has put me in touch with what is best for me, and allowed me to release my fear and simply be!
      Obviously, I was able to get in touch with all of this from Chantal's teaching but I also think anyone who really wants the best experience has to be willing to do their own work and to get in touch with their own energy and what their path is.

    • Robyn Hulligan, Guilford CT

      Chantal is a powerful healer, a knowledgeable source on several healing modalities, and an excellent teacher of Reiki. Not only did she clearly present class material and patiently answer questions, but also, she personalized my learning experience so that it was tailored to the healing projects unique to me. Class time flew by, as she fluidly moved from lecture, to receiving symbols, to practical training.
      I have taken several classes over the years on different forms of energy healing, and put Chantal at the top of my list of recommended teachers. What’s more, I practice what I learned from Chantal almost every day, on myself and/or others. My clients and I all feel the healing effects, e.g. pain and inflammation subside or disappear, and physical and emotional stress is relieved resulting in relaxation.
      I am deeply grateful to Chantal for introducing me to Reiki, encouraging my practice, and directing myself and others toward wellness.

    • Angela Pescetti, Greenwich CT

      After completing Reiki level one with Chantal I left with such a thirst for more knowledge. I came to the training with no intent to teach Reiki or become an active practitioner. I can say that I now have a desire for both and much more. There is so much to learn from Chantal- there aren't enough hours in the day! She is an infinite well of wisdom and knowledge and I look forward to continue to learn from her and to integrate the teachings into my life. I feel confident in my own abilities after going through training and I can feel that the information is coming from a very experienced, genuine and intuitive source. I feel very blessed that my path led me to her! Thanks.

    • Jesse Rovero, Danbury CT

      Chantal Guillou-Brennan's Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes are excellent for anyone wanting to learn about Reiki. Chantal uses her insights and experiences to enhance her strong knowledge of the subject. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommended it to anyone interested in learning about Reiki. — Sincerely, Jesse Rovero.

    • Esther Leiva, West Haven CT

      Chantal's presentation and organization of the lineage and the teaching materials is excellent. The attunements are very spiritual, deep and allows one to really acquire a feel for one's guide on this very special journey into the temple, the ceremony, and the familiarity of observers within in Reiki I.
      In Reiki II, a similar feel is witnessed in the attunements. In addition, the symbols and the actual practice with a fellow classmate are very helpful and add depth to our role as vessels who channel the healing power of the Divine.

      Chantal's experience and many spiritual gifts come through throughout the whole process. I am looking forward to Reiki III in November.

    • Bob B., Acupunturist, Newtown, CT

      Chantal Guillon Brennan is an excellent instructor, she took her time to be sure we understood clearly all aspects of the course. Answered all questions on how to heal myself and others. The amount of information was at first site overwhelming but with her assistance I had a much better understanding. I would absolutely recommend her classes and would attend additional classes myself. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Anna Bagley, Madison CT

      I was attuned to Reiki third level by Chantal. I first met Chantal at a Reiki share. As I was reiking her, realized a lot more energy was flowing to me as if she were Giving me Reiki. She has an exceptional understanding of energy. She knows how it is manifested in one and offers assistance in a positive manner. Chantal is truly gifted and talented, very loving and an exceptional person. So happy I met her.

    • Rachael Nicole, Stamford, CT

      Thank you so much Chantal! It was such an amazing experience with you on Saturday. You are a phenomenal teacher and facilitator. I look forward to working with you more in the future. I am already experiencing so much joy after receiving my attunements!

    • Marilyn, Honolulu HI

      Thank you for the Reiki One certificate. It's the one and only Reiki One certificate I've ever received! (I took Reiki 1 twice before but I never felt anything.) Since the class I've run Access Bars on a couple of people and feel a difference in that my hands and every Bars point gets extremely warm, hot even.
      During one session of one hour and 15 minutes my hands actually felt like they were sweating [I think they were!], that's how hot the releasing energy was. Before the class, I frequently felt warmth from some Bars points, but usually not all, and not always for the entire time on any one point . Now it's every point and for the entire time.
      Reiki has ramped up the potency and I believe the effectiveness of my Bars sessions. It's incredible. I am still a bit in shock about it..... experiencing such a big change after 4 years of being a professional Bars practitioner.
      Thank you so much!! Love, Light and Aloha, Marilyn.

    Soul Centered Hypnosis, QHHT

  • Nicole Hughes, Fairfield CT

    I saw Chantal (through Zoom) for Soul Centered HypnosisShe was able to get me to a level of trance I never thought possible

  • Roberta C., New Haven CT

    Just finished listening to the session. Wowee! Intense to say the least. Thank you so much for hanging in there with all the questions I had brought with me. I sincerely appreciate the generosity of your time and your devotion to the work.
    I have felt a difference physically, emotionally and mentally.
    I had to stop taking my blood pressure medication for the past two days as I went as low as 94/60 and thought I was just going to drop. My palpitations have been moderate given the fact that the sun was over the top active with a solar wind affecting the planet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
    The grief release was tremendous. Thoughts of (- - -) being gone have not even entered my mind and the only crying I have done in three days was today when I listened to myself crying the two or three times on the recording. I feel like a huge burden has been dissolved. I saw my massage therapist the next day and before the session she (who is pretty intuitive with energy) said, "What's different about you? Your eyes look more alive and you feel lighter.
    Most importantly was all the valuable information that came forth for my purpose, my healing, establishing kinship and possibly what I can anticipate as my future path. I will be digesting this for quite a while, but the timing of meeting you could not have been better. Again, much gratitude for the work you do.

  • Jocelyn N, Milford CT

    My experience with Chantal exceeded my expectations, She is a unique healer, intelligent, knowledgeable, kind and patient.
    My first hypnosis ever and I felt completely safe and taken care of. Chantal is the type of practitioner one can only hope to come across in a lifetime. Thank you Chantal.

  • Irene Rueda

    Chantal is an amazing powerful force with a gentle bedside manner as I learned during my first Soul Centered Hypnosis session. She gently guided me towards relaxation and then accessing my higher self. I highly recommend Chantal to help you stay focused on your path to self-realization.

  • Michael Raucci

    Chantal is amazing!! I highly recommend her. I had a great experience having a past life regression. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Aimee Miele, Torington CT

    Thank you for my QHHT session! Your patience, calmness and insight helped lead me quite gently through some challenging early life experiences.
    It made so much sense to change those situations into positive ones. I do believe that I feel a greater love toward family members because of my session.

  • Joanna H, CT

    I am extremely grateful for your services and the session we had. I have been more calm and collected was well as more in tune with my spirituality. Thanks to you, I have been able to let go of some of my fears and concentrate on those areas of my life that need growth and development. Now that I am on this path of awakening, nothing else is more important.

  • Donna, Branford CT

    When I met Chantal for my QHHT session, I was not sure what to expect. I had read about QHHT, but was feeling a bit apprehensive. I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable with Chantal. She took the time and consideration to discuss many details of my life to ensure I would have a knowledgeable and enjoyable experience. I was able to connect to a part of my past which has enabled me to stop questioning my own faults and move forward with love, joy and contentment in my current life. Chantal is a wonderful, caring person and I would highly recommend a session with her for anyone who wants to develop a deeper consciousness of who they are and feel whole.

  • Joan R.

    Chantal is amazing! Not only is she very skilled but extremely compassionate. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone seeking spiritual growth and healing.

  • Rebecca F., Stamford CT

    Hello Chantal, I want to thank you for a lovely session. We spent a long time together. I appreciate your dedication and trust in the process. I witnessed your patience and very skillful way of summarizing my 'issues' and questions, of which were many! I never felt uncomfortable. You gave me great hope and faith that I, too, could do this because it would not be me doing it, but Spirit coming through. This is something I did not understand, and now it is becoming more clear. Thank you, and have a great weekend. — Rebecca.

  • Jamie D., Shelton CT

    Since my QHHT session I have seen great improvement in my neck pain and the lessening of migraines that had been frequent painful experiences. On another level, the emotional static at home has improved as well. But most important for me was the connection with my subconscious that I experienced during my session. Prior to that I had received messages, feelings, knowings. But in the session, I could hear a voice come through me that was different, stronger, more definite, wiser and that even sounded different than the me that I had always experienced. I feel as if I have truly met my higher self and this is a source of deep peacefulness for me. I felt that Chantal was a wonderful guide on this journey, not pushing me nor holding me back, just right there for the experience.

  • Adelita Chirino, Milford CT

    Chantal is a deeply intuitive and caring healer, well versed in many modalities of energy healing, hypnosis and shamanic journeying. My experiences with her work have always been positive and wholly beneficial; I recommend her highly to anyone seeking alternative healing for body, mind and spirit.

  • Family Constellation

  • Rose C, West Haven CT

    I was astonished when you were able to detect aspects of the individuals in my mother's family and the dynamics that existed in their relationships....I found the experience to be fascinating and obviously very helpful in uncovering a piece of unfinished business for me.

  • Christine MnNally, Cheshire CT

    I've wanted to share some of what has been happening after the family constellation and after the elemental healing class. It has been very life changing. I am going to "try" to be brief but hopefully with enough contexts to explain... I know that each day it feels like I have new clarity, etc.
    So I came to the family constellation last week, Tuesday, with help on finding clarity on "me". All the who am I, where do i need to be, etc. I felt lost and unsure as to me and who I am. I know that has a lot of layers and given the time, the direction we would take is to do the element constellation with me with the intent to gain clarity.
    All I can say is that was the stepping stone to get me unstuck. Here is what I can finally be able to tell you what I experienced and what it means so far.... each day I am gaining more clarity and see my life shifting in positive ways.
    Did you know when you balanced my air element that night, you said I am never alone, and repeated that to me... You brought something back that I needed to remember that.

  • Maggie T, Cheshire CT

    Working with you has been life changing. Thank you!

  • Debbie R., Stamford CT

    This has been an amazing experience for me during the constellation and also after. I was very moved by Chantal's intuitive knowledge of the dynamics in my family. It seems to pop right in front of us. I had experience family constellation before in a group and although is was may be more dramatic, I found the one on one more personal and a more profound and private experience. I was able to go deeper than I would have with a group. Less than a week after I began to notice changes in myself and my family. I recommend Chantal for family constellation. Thank you.

  • John, Wolcott CT

    When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer it wasn't really a surprise to me since pretty much every man in my family on my father's side had some kind of cancer. My PSA levels were at 6.1 and my doctor said if the numbers don't go down within the next six months they will have to remove my prostate. My wife and I started to look for alternative options. I heard about Family Constellation before but was very hesitant to try it.
    After a while a realized I had nothing to loose by going to the session but I was still nervous and unsure of the outcome. just few minutes after meeting Chantal she made me feel at ease, she has a loving and genuine personality that made me feel comfortable right away. The session went really well, the whole experience was very positive. Emotionally and mentally I felt the difference right away. but it was not till few weeks later when I went for my bloodwork that I realized how powerful my Family Constellation session was- my PSA went down to 4.2 and 4 months later it went down to 3.6 and 4 months after that - 3.2.
    Chantal I want to thank you again for everything and I can't wait to see you for my Reiki session.

  • Integrative Energy Medicine Treatment

    Treatments may include a combination of modalies to benefit the client.

  • Roberta C., Milford CT

    The IEM session did have significant benefits. I believe the Jin Shin Jyutsu had a great impact. (Probably because my body was extremely grateful for something it had not experienced before). For at least 32 hours I was walking great with absolutely no pain. The nerve sensations in my shoulder and neck were down to an occasional dull tingle only if I moved in a certain way. Pain reduction by at least 80%. The most surprising benefit - When I first got in the car to drive home my right hand was almost completely numb. By the time I drove past Milford Hospital all sensation had come back. Hours later I noticed that I could make a complete fist with my right hand - something I have not been able to do in a year. Amazingly I can still do it two days later! FOLLOW-UP SESSION: Today's session was unbelievably trans-formative. I haven't felt this alive and awake in years. A foreign feeling of peacefulness and relaxed in my own body has overtaken me! Thank you for taking all the extra time today to send me out the door in complete harmony with myself. As everyone who knows me would agree, you don't hear the words, "I feel fantastic" come out of my mouth. I am gently commanding all my bodies to hold this resonance so I can wake up feeling just as great tomorrow! Much gratitude and appreciation for the light you shine into this world.

  • Judith F., Meriden CT.

    When I first met Chantal three years ago, my body was fllled with pain which seemed to travel from one place to the next. I lacked energy and motivation. I was afraid to go out of the house for fear of getting hurt. Today I am proud to say that I finally live my dream!
    It wasn't an easy journey, It took time and effort on my part. Chantal gave me, most of all, my power back. After each session (once a week at first then, every other week then monthly) I was given exercises to help me integrate the treatment. I still use some of them when I need a boost. Thank you Chantal for you patience and amazing insight!

  • Anne Mary Connor, Kona, HI

    Hi Chantal, I just want to tell you that I am amazed at the result of the IEM treatment. It has now been four days and i am still pain free and able to lift my right arm up. Yesterday, I was able to carry my grand son who is a big 9 month old angel. Thank you and see you next week.

  • Robert, Madison, CT.

    I have had many different treatment of Reiki, Theta Healing, Reconnection and massages for many years. It seems that sooner or later my symptoms would come back. With Integrative Energy Medicine I can say that Chantal "coached" me back to health. Her expertise and intuition is remarkable but she also give you exercises to do between sessions so your body doesn't go back into the old pattern but is coached to stay in harmony with the natural energy flow brought on by treatment.
    After three month of IEM treatments I learn what worked for me and what doesn't, I learn to listen to my body. Now I can use some of the exercise if I feel that I am slipping back in the old pattern. Now I choose to have a tune up every other month to keep my body healthy.

  • Carla, Southport, CT

    I recommend Chantal for integrative energy medicine treatment for her expertise and open heart. She is a wealth of information I learn so much from her but also her compassion and open heart is felt every step of the way. Thanks.

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Maria B. Bethany, CT

    I highly recommend Chantal as a coach/spiritual mentor. In addition to being a superb teacher of various spiritual healing arts, she is well versed in a wide range of healing modalities and expertly incorporates all of her knowledge when coaching and mentoring her clients. Modalities she incorporates include Reiki, divination, EFT, hypnosis and regression therapies. Chantal's innate gifts for healing work have opened me up spiritually and have brought healing to various aspects of my life. It is a true pleasure to be working with this caring, talented, and soulful practitioner.

  • Mastery of Awareness Shamanism

  • Thomas Perry, CT

    Dream Therapy has to be one of my favorite classes so far. The depth we were able to go in our dreams and in everyone else's was amazing. This Zoom class taught me to look at dreams in new ways, to journey into them, to pick different avenues to walk down. Using the shamanic journeying to go deeper just blew me away. I found the healing aspect of dream therapy to be a very useful tool. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to further develop an understanding in dream interpretation towards healing.

  • Christine McNally, CT

    Chantal is a wonderful teacher and mentor! I have taken many classes from her, Reiki 1, 2, and 3. As well as many of her shamanism classes. All of these have been in person and I left with so much knowledge and lots of practice that you definitely feel you got your money’s worth. Recently, I just took her new Medical Intuitive Live Zoom 2-day class and I honesty think these are as GOOD as being in person! If not better! First, there is no quality that is lost with it going from in-person to live online. Second, I highly recommend this new class, Medical Intuitive, especially if you want to pursue Reiki healing further. I could not believe how fast I was able to start to zero in on what work that would need to be done. And by having it done remotely, just only enhanced how remote tracking and viewing is just as accurate as being with the person. I highly recommend this class and to take it via zoom. I am excited with her new class format, I am signed up for her Advanced Divination 2-day live online and her new hybrid class for Acupressure. As much as I love being in person, I actually really like being able to participate from my own home! Great job Chantal!

  • Brandi Solomon CT

    Chantal reached out to me to take shamanism 101 and at first I was hesitant bc I didn’t know much about shamanism. I had taken Reiki 1 and 2 with Chantal and knew she was a great teacher from whom there was a lot to learn, and so I signed up! She reached out during a time of great stress and disconnect in my life she seemed to know that this was just what I needed! Taking Shamanism 101 was an incredible journey that helped me reconnect to myself and my intuition and has helped me get answers on how to move forward and better understand my life’s path and calling. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to get more in touch with themselves and their awareness, and anyone up for a spiritual adventure! Chantal is a wonderful teacher who guides you on an enlightening journey into your soul.

  • Jennie Ellis, Shelton CT

    Shamanic Divination Class: In taking the divination courses with Chantal, I found a confirmation I didn't even know I was looking for. We all have the latent ability to receive psychic and intuitive wisdom. All we need is to learn a little about how to tap into it.
    In this workshop I was able to explore my latent and budding psychic and intuitive abilities in this supportive and constructive space. The exercises were engaging, illuminating and most certainly fun. They also left me feeling a definite sense of community and closeness towards the others who took the course with me.
    By the end I was able to see that divination and psychic knowledge is very much accessible to anyone who asks the right questions and seeks to develop the ability. I truly believe we are all naturally born with this ability but we often forget or suppress it without a community that guides us and validates us. Chantal's workshops are where you will find that community.

  • Ivellise M., Middletown CT

    Shamanic Divination Class: In terms of the materials made available to us, I felt that everything was so well written, and well explained, so it was so relateable and felt it was easy to carry over at home, with no doubt about doing it correctly. Chantal is an excellent facilitator. She is so patient and understanding. She takes time to give you individual help if you need it, and it makes it so easy to ask for help. She is always available to answer any questions.
    Once we were in to the class more, and had covered a great deal, I started to really feel things clicking in to place for me. When we did the moving awareness versus moving energy, it was amazing. You could actually feel peoples energy. When I got to do this, my partner automatically felt my energy, regardless of what I was sending. Journeying to all the places we went was new to me, but it was intriguing.
    This turned into the very best class I could have taken. I was actually able to, by the end of it, understand my powers. This was the class that got me thinking a lot more positively about myself and helped me really change my negative self -talk. I really valued the time to practice, and felt that these exercise were helpful and again validating for me about my powers. It felt that we went further in this class, and while I struggled to do the remote clearing, it was really neat to learn about this.
    This class gave me so much positive thoughts and a clear picture and validation about my path and journey. I feel so in awe of all that we learned in this class, it was so powerful.

  • Emily Sando, Milford CT.

    Shamanism 101: The experience I had with this class was all affirming. Chantal even confirmed things that she had felt with others in the class that I had seen as well.
    I truly feel like my journey has not just begun but, will deepen and strengthen in a way I hadn’t been able to see before. Thank you Chantal! I look forward to the next enlightenment.

  • Stephanie Rideout, North Brandford CT.

    The full day class for Shamanism 101 training went by so quickly and with Chantal's inherent gifts made the teachings and practices easy to understand and a natural flow to stepping into my own practice and journeying.
    What a gift to experience in my first class! After so many years of thinking and waiting for the right time, I certainly am grateful to have discovered Chantal and honored myself to sign up for this class. I look forward to deepening my practice and working with her some more.

  • Wendy R., Milford CT.

    I enjoyed the Shamanism 101 course. I learned how to go 'beyond myself' to explore and better myself. Twice a month, drum circles let me continue to practice what I learned in Shamanism 101. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn more about themselves and the world, in ways that move you outside the box. I really believe that this course has helped me with lucid dreaming, as well! Chantal is a wonderful teacher who will guide you and help you grow. This course is the foundation for other courses that she teaches!

  • Rachael J., Fairfield CT

    Therapeutic Dream Interpretation: Thank you so much for all of this amazing information! I had such a great time at your Shamanic Dream presentation and guided meditation. I learned so much and now feel a deep calling towards healing. I would like to work with you in healing and connecting with my higher self. I feel a deep yearning to become my greatest version and help assist in this planetary transformation but I have much inner work to do. I felt a strong connection with what you share.

  • Renata Lewis, Cincinnati OH

    Chantal, I cannot express the great amount of gratitude I have for you choosing the path to enlightened others. Your knowledge and wisdom for spiritual development is phenomenal. After taking your Shamanism 101 Zoom course more of my True self began to emerge. I am more confident in my healing abilities. It was Divinity that connected me with your powerful teachings. Thank you for keeping your classes small and affordable. You make it possible for students to keep exploring by returning without breaking the bank. I look forward to learning so much more with you. It's an honor to be taught by such a gifted soul! Again Thanks so very much for what you share with everyone 😊.

  • Maria B., Bethany CT

    Shamanism 101: I would very much recommend the Shamanism 101 training intensive with Chantal. It was a full day of learning filled with synchronicities, spiritual support, and high vibrations. It felt safe and relaxed in the sacred space created by Chantal. Within a couple of weeks of participating in the training and applying what I had learned, I was able to accomplish something that I had previously attempted many times, but had not had the courage to carry out. It was a wonderful surprise to discover that the tools and techniques learned in this class could be life changing.

  • Jan Salerno, Kona HI

    Chantal's facilitation of exploring alternate/unexplored realities through breathwork, visualization, drumming and sound is fun, easy and light hearted. She shares generously and freely a vast knowledge of internal landscapes she has journeyed within and the resources to duplicate the field in a safe supportive environment. I so look forward to more opportunities to play in these unified fields in Love.

  • Joy Degenaro, West Haven CT

    I enrolled in the Mastery of Awareness course taught by Chantal Guillou-Brennan last year and I am honored to be able to try and put into words how impressed I am with this talented, professional woman. I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced several healing modalities performed by Chantal Guillou-Brennan in the past, so when this course was offered, I was confident that it, also, would showcase her talents as a healer and mentor. She has broadened and strengthened my abilities to focus my energy, identify my strengths and limitations and improve and build upon all that is great and possible in my life. She did this by exposing me to a variety of means to explore my world and brought me courage to try new things in order to grow and move my life in a direction of clarity. I would advise and encourage anyone to benefit from the healing powers and knowledge this woman possesses. They would be blessed and forever changed if they are lucky enough to be included in one of her courses or the chance to witness first hand her healing abilities.

  • Holly K., Bridgeport CT

    The Shamanim 101 training was wonderful. Our group consisted of individuals in different levels of their Shamanistic journey; yet, Chantal worked with each of us to make sure each of us would not only learn all we could in the training but would also have the ability to continue our journeys once we completed the course. If you are interest in Shamanism, this is an excellent place to begin.

  • Ronnie Ann Ryan, Milford CT

    Chantal did a great job! I learned some new things and had a wonderful day. She attracted such nice people as well. I recommend her classes.

  • Rosemary T., Stratford CT

    Shamanism 101: I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to attend classes and workshops with Chantal Guillou-Brennan. Chantal's knowledge of various healing modalities and spiritual traditions, coupled with her attentive and compassionate manner made me feel safe and supported on my first journey into the exploration of consciousness. With Chantal's guidance, I discovered a whole new dimension that has helped me in my daily life.

  • Al Whitman, Kona HI

    Chantal is a very dedicated and knowledgeable healer and light worker. She has much to teach and share with us. She cares deeply about people and is driven to discover ways to help humanity heal and evolve into higher consciousness. I have experienced her work at presentations and she is professional and has a strong command of the subjects that she is offering us. I highly recommend Chantal's work to anyone who is interested in becoming a more aware and awake individual.

  • Rosemarie Main, Seymour CT

    Thank you for having me at your home for the Shamanism 101 training. It was truly a deep and intense experience which I found to be fascinating and emotional. Your leadership and your knowledge was very helpful in guiding us along in our journeys. I learned so much that I never knew existed. looking forward to learning more!

  • PlayShops, Drum Circle, Drum Making

  • George K. Hlavacek., Milford CT

    I was pleased with the Drum Circle, our host Chantal was very gracious and made us feel at home. It was everything I expected and more.

  • Marialisa Pettengill, Greenwhich CT

    I have known Chantal for many years and I have taken her workshops. I come from the energy healing background myself so I have a great respect for her knowledge of different healing modalities. Chantal brigs all that into her workshops generously sharing her knowledge and her wisdom. She is organized, patient and caring. I only wish If had time to take advantage of more of her workshops.

  • Bob Cuddihee, Ansonia CT

    The "Drum For Fun!!!" Meetup was awesome. So much energy and enthusiasm. I am really looking forward to the next one.


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