12-hour Zoom Masterclass Certification with live interaction and practice
Although therapists and hypnotists love this training, no experience is necessary to benefit from this training

MultiD Coaching & Tracking

IImagine being able to enter the scene described to guide a person through details that may have been repressed or forgotten. To practice this skill we use dreams (recent or old), visions from meditations, attunements and shamanic journeys. After all "Dreams are the language of the Soul" and we spend a third of our life sleeping and dreaming!
But that's not all! During this "live" teleclass you receive personal attention from your instructor and practice each technique on classmates. Although taught via Zoom, this is a live training, with on-going interaction!

Module 1: Understand the language of Your Soul
• How to stimulate recall • Why are dreams considered valuable messages
• Decode "Your" metaphoric language as you apply six exercises from the pioniers of dreamwork
• Learn to interpret colors and archetypes using supplemental resources.
Module 2: Message Interpretation for Self-Help
• Practice four methods to interpret your visions and dreams
• Expand the message with the color interpretation dictionary
Module 3: Coaching & Tracking to Assist Others
• Practice four coaching methods to help others decode dreams and visions
Module 4: Message Interpretation Group Work
• Practice 2 of 3 methods to lead group into Dream & Message Interpretation
• How to run your own dream 7 Message Interpretation Group
• Power of Lucid Dreaming 7 How to initiate it
• Addressing Children Nightmares
No prior training is required. Dates and cost on registration form below.

Created and taught by IEMI founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan. author of Reiki Energy Medicine, The Yoga of Health and Wellness in Your Hands available on Amazon and included in the Reiki 1 training. The IEMI program is based on her 20+ years of experience and extensive energy medicine and hypnosis training. Each training include a detailed illustrated manual for students to practice on theor own.

• A detailed illustrated manual and Audio files to practice on your own
• Additional downloadable ressources on Archetype and use of color in dreams
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute