12 hour Zoom certification with live interaction and practice
Although therapists and hypnotists love this training, no experience is necessary to enjoy it!

Interpret Dreams, Shamanic Journeys & Visions


reams are messages from our Soul said Carl Jung. Some dreams are remembered with clarity, while others are steeped in mystery and metaphors. No need for these messages to remain obscure, this class will give you different methods of analyis and interpretation, that you can later combine to create your own style. All you need for this class is one dream - recent or ancient - or a vision from a meditation or shamanic journey.

Although, popular with hypnotists, therapists and coaches this 12 hour course is designed to give students the knowledge and skills to analyze their own dreams and to help friends, family and clients. All welcomed. No prior training is required.
The first part of the class focuses on understanding the language that your soul (or subconscious) uses to communicate with you, as we discover the legacy of the pioneers of dreamwork and practice various approaches. Then we dive into the spiritual coaching aspect of the practice. We reenter dreams for wisdom and healing, learn to "track" something or someone in a dream, which may lead to past life and ancestral memories! Four hours are dedicated to group work.
You leave with everything you need to practice on your own. Your teacher remains a text or email away to answer questions and support your practice.

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Created and taught by IEMI founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan. Integrative Energy Medicine content is based on a lifetime of personal experience and extensive training in various modalities. Each training include a detailed illustrated manual to guide student practice. The aspiration is to see students be better than the teacher and to ultimately become IEMI teachers.

Through live interaction and exercises:
• Discover the work of pioneers and innovators in the field of dream work
• Find out about the role of colors, archetypes and the Higher Self
• Gain the confidence to practice on your own
• Use brain entrainment technology to reach the perfect level of receptivity
• Practice on yourself, in pairs & as a group
• Integrate the power of hypnosis, shamanic visioning and conscious dreaming

Learn how to:
• Enhance dreaming & dream state awareness
• Recover hard to remember or forgotten dreams
• 3 methods to help yourself and 4 to help others
• Track something or someone in a dream
• Run you own Therapeutic Dream Analysis
• Initiate Lucid Dream
• Avert the outcome of prophetic dreams
• Address trauma with therapeutic Lucid Dreaming
• Help process nightmares with children
• Power of ritual to crystallize healing

• A detailed manual to practice on your own
• Audio files to enter meditative state and journey on your own
• Additional information on Archetype and use of color in dreams
• Resources for dream interpretation
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
• Publish your events on CT Conscious Dreaming Facebook group