16-hour Teleclass Certification with live interaction and practice

Heal Estranged Parts of the Self with Soul Retrieval

Although this class teaches two traditional methods of Shamanic Soul Retrieval, students will go much deeper in their exploration of the Soul, Spirit, Mind and Body.

The discussion opens on the concept of time and what the Soul really is. Can it really become fragmented? What becomes fragmented and estranged from the self that needs integration for the person to feel whole and able to function? Is it the Soul, the spirit, a part of the self or ego? Why is this practice called soul retrieval?

After making peace with the use of these terms we look at the cause of soul-loss and dive deeper into the practices of soul retrieval. Our study expands to consider, parts, ego-states, past life identities, and spirit attachments. When does the healing call for Psychopomp versus Soul Retrieval?

Created and taught by founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan
This 16-hour Intensive is 85% hands-on practice; healing exchange between classmates builds student's confidence and proficiency in the new teaching.

Learn 8 methods of Soul Retrieval

• Practice 4 method on self and 4 to help others
• Benefits of soul-retrieval
• Learn to adapt to the client's needs, abilities and faith
• Importance of partnership with Spirit Ally
• Energetic and spiritual preparing of self
• Visualization to prepare clients

• When is soul retrieval called for
• Understand the difference between Soul and Spirit
• Identify the cause of soul-loss
• Recognize the symptoms of soul-loss”
• Parts therapy versus soul retrieval
• Soul-part behavior
• Childhood wounds and child-like qualities

• Receive healing from classmates and give
• Soul parts found in Chakra versus in the field
• Clear demonstration of each treatment protocols
• Practice four methods of soul retrieval on yourself
• Practice six methods soul retrieval for others
• Removal of cord and trauma associated with soul-loss
• Integration rituals
• Ceremonial soul retrieval
• Life after soul retrieval

• A detailed illustrated manual to practice on your own
• Audio files to journey on your own
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
• On-going support from teacher after this course
• Group practices for graduates of both IEM Masterclass + Soul Retrieval

Recommended prerequisite: 137-hour IEMI professional training prepares you to navigate the landscape of Soul Retrieval: Reiki 1 & 2 (with practice) + Medical Intutive + Shamanism 101 + Chakra Masterclass + Multidimensional Healing Masterclass + Shamanic Divination + Dream Interpretation


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