12-hour teleclass certification with live interaction and practice.
Integrates Reiki Energy Medicine with Claivoyance & Advanced Healing Protocols
to be applied for distance healing or in-person treatment..

Integrative Energy Medicine 12-hour Masterclass

Integrate Reiki Energy Medicine experience with the skills of the Seer and Healer(shaman/claivoyant) acquired in the Shamanism and the Medical Intuitive trainings.
Module 1 focuses on extractions methods that will be used during the Chakra Therapy process or during a Reiki Energy Medicine treatment in-person or remotely.
Students learn how to address various intrusions and imprints as well as memories of trauma or accidents that impair the flow of energy in and out of chakras.
The third module explores each chakra, their associated wounds and level of consciousness that influence health and wellness. Live practice and healing exchanges build student's confidence and proficiency in the new teaching. Each student gives & receives treatments as they practice the healing protocols on others.
This and the Multidimensional Healing Masterclass prepare students for the 16-hour Soul Retrieval/Parts Therapy masterclass.

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Created and taught by IEMI founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan. Integrative Energy Medicine content is based on a lifetime of personal experience and extensive training in various modalities. Each training include a detailed illustrated manual to guide student practice. The aspiration is to see students be better than the teacher and to ultimately become IEMI teachers.

Clear demonstration of each treatment protocol
• Discover the power of Chakra Therapy
• Give/Receive Chakra Therapy
• Build personal Charka Totem Pole
• Advanced Chakra healing techniques
• Learn to choose between the active & passive healing method
• Practice Aura/Chakra restructuring
• Discover technique to enhances clairvoyance
• Identify & remove trauma, thought forms, ancestral imprints
• Identify unusual energy pattern in and around the body
• Learn/practice 7 extraction techniques
• Recognize physical emotional & mental patterns
• Practice Spiritual Surgery on physical conditions
• Small group work and diad live practices
• A detailed illustrated manual to practice on your own
• Audio files enter alter state of consciousness
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
• On-going support from teacher after this course
• Group practices for graduates of both IEM Masterclass + Soul Retrieval
To take the class without the recommended prerequisite ofIEMI: Reiki 2, Shamanism & Medical Intuitive please check the "waiver" option.