Psionic Communication & Multidimensional Travel

During this immersive training, students learn to bridge consciousness between the energetic and the physical world into a homogenous and clear reality where all is interconnected, alive and conscious.

Practice communication with various expressions of life: from people to spirit, plant, crystal, and objects imbued with spiritual history. Give psychometric readings practice Psionic communication

Sacred space offers the perfect container for participants to safely enjoy a rewarding spiritual experience as they develop new skills and deepen their partnership with their Spirit Allies.

Created and taught by IEMI founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan, author of Reiki Energy Medicine, the Yoga of Health and Wellness in Your Hands" available on Amazon. The Integrative Energy Medicine program is the synthesis of 20 years of experience and dedicated energy medicine and hypnosis practice combined with the best of Chantal's extensive training in various modalities. The aspiration is to see students be better than the teacher and to ultimately become IEMI teachers.

8 hour Shamamic Divination Practice
• Stretches your perception of reality with 30 exercises
• Project your awareness into various life expression
• Communicate with crystals, objects and plants, animals and the Field
• Practice Shamanic Divination
• Give psychometric readings
• Learn to test the message with Kinesiology
• Identify and work with your Assemblage Point
• Experience alternate reality through the Assemblage Point
• Exchange psychic readings with classmates
• Practice Psionic communication
• Track in time & space with set intention.
• Remote view into the past, present and future

4 hours Psychic Development
• Discover your own sense of intuition
• Expand consciousness into the worlds of spirits and Spirit
• Exercises to strengthen Psychic Abilities:
• Overcome depletions and create protection
• Raise your vibration to enhance spirit communication
• Psychic preparation and invocation for high vibrational messages
• Learn invocations: for channeling Spirit
• For energetic alignment with Higher Self
• Turn the curse of empathy into a valuable gift
• Practice with seven exercises in channeling and psychic readings
• Power of remote viewing to develop clairvision
• Discover Chakra readings to assess physical & psycho-spiritual health
• Use art expression to enhance reading's interpretation

• Your investment includes:
• A detailed manual to practice on your own
• Audio files to journey on your own
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
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