Monthly Drum Circles


Monthly circles and study groups to help support your learning experience.
Visit our 'Trainings' page for a detailed course description and registration information.


Drum Circle 2nd Friday each month

NO CIRCLE IN JULY AND AUGUST BACK ON FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13. Second Friday Monthly, from 7pm to 9pm,
at Walnut Beach Wellness Boutique
41-43 Naugatuck Ave, Milford.

Bring your frame Drum, Djembe and rattles or borrow one from me. De-stress, relax and release the burden of the week. Have a good time with like-minded friends. Get recharged, uplifted and ready to enjoy your weekend!

New teaching every month to support your personal and spiritual growth. Healing and awakening await you at each circle to appreciate your true nature, expand your awareness of reality and enjoy the gift of community.

By donation. Suggested $5-$20 All welcome.

ATTENTION weather permitting, starting June 1th tot September 30th, some drumming circles will be held outdoors around a fire. For the exact location of these circles please follow the registration link.


Shamanic Study Circle 4th Friday each month, Milford CT

Fourth Friday Monthly, 7 pm to 9pm, REGISTER FOR MILFORD ADDRESS of OUTDOOR CIRCLE AROUND THE FIRE > Then on September 27 we're back indoors at Mystic By The Sea 394 New Haven Avenue, Milford CT 06460

After drumming to our heart's content, we gather in sacred space to awaken our High Sensory Perception and delve into the realm of "non-ordinary" reality that exists beyond normal perception. Through guided visualization and the help of a specific drum beat you are guided into a deep meditative state to receive wisdom and healing.

New teaching every month for psychic development, personal & spiritual growth and healing. Shamanic study & practice opened to all. Shamanic practitioners welcomed.

By donation. Suggested $5-$20 All welcome.

SUMMER location June 1 to September 30th: Milford for drumming ceremonies oudoor around the fire.
WINTER various location given upon registration.

Get the most out of the shamanic study group, take Shamanism 101 for Mastery of Awareness.

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LEARN REIKI. HEAL YOURSELF. RECONNECT TO YOUR SOUL PATH. Certification Training in Energy Medicine  Reiki & EFT  Shamanic Healing Mastery  of Awareness


  • I enjoyed the Shamanism 101 course. I learned how to go 'beyond myself' to explore and better myself. Twice a month, drum circles let me continue to practice what I learned in Shamanism 101. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn more about themselves and the world, in ways that move you outside the box. I really believe that this course has helped me with lucid dreaming, as well! Chantal is a wonderful teacher who will guide you and help you grow. This course is the foundation for other courses that she teaches!

    Wendy R. Milford, CT.

  • I've recently had the pleasure of studying Reiki 1 with Chantal and can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for finally learning this modality. I had studied with a couple of different teachers and never felt confident enough to practice. With Chantal I found her to be very knowledgeable and she taught in such a way that even the novice beginner could understand. Most important to me was how she honored the sacred space of receiving the attunements separate from class. I left knowing what was expected of me if I chose to move on or not and how simple it can be to use this energy in everyday life. I recommend this class with Chantal as a true blessing and a wonderful gift for self.

    —Laura K. of Wallingford/ Meriden

make your own Native American drum in ceremony.


REIKI 1-2-3

CT Reiki 1-2-3 Study & Practice: Post your request to give and receive Reiki; share your experience. We meet online to focus on requests and share our experience of the session as a group. Group healing can be very powerful. Reiki Share and Reiki clinic announced on this group as well as upcoming Reiki and Energy Medicine trainings. JOIN


CT Shamanic Study & Practice: Learn and practice Shamanic journey. Share your experience of Shamanism. Request or offer Shamanic healing. Meet online and in person on the 4th Friday monthly at 7pm at Mystic by the Sea: 394 New Haven Avenue, Milford CT. Participate in online Shamanism 101 training. JOIN


CT Conscious Dreaming Your portal to understand the language that your Soul uses to communicate with you in your dreams, your visions, meditations and shamanic Journey. Open to anyone with the desire to expand their consciousness and learn method to consciously dream. Meeting online and in Milford, CT. JOIN


CT Mastery of Awareness for Psychics: A place to grow in consciousness, to practice, and develop psychic skills, intuition and ESP as you connect to like minded souls. Mastery of Awareness training posted here. Join us here or on the 2nd Friday monthly at 7pm at Walnut Beach Wellness Center 41-43 Naugatuck Ave, Milford. JOIN