An experiential evening to release ancestral wounds

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Get unstuck: Heal the past to enjoy your Now!

Everyone is welcome! No experience necessary to participate or to have a Family Constellation done that evening. This group Family Constellations will be lead by Chantal Guillou-Brennan — CHT, IEMT & Family Constellation Practitioner.
Individual Family Constellation are available privately by appointment. Click here to read about these.

Release systemic patterns from physical ailments, unspoken emotional trauma carried through generations, or persisting ancestral vows and contracts to unexplained physical, emotional or spiritual issues.
All with the power of love, honor and respect and the methodology of Family Constellation.
Monthly Group Constellations

Whether you choose to have a Family Constellation or you simply participate in one for someone else, you will receive insight and healing.

Hellinger's observation of unconscious yet powerfully influential trans-generational family bonds forms the basis of this profound process.

These unseen forces have the power to entangle us in fates that do not belong to us, fates dating back over two, three or even more generations, that are the legacy of those unable to resolve them within their lifetimes.

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"When the family has been brought into its natural order, the individual can leave it behind him while still feeling the strength of his family supporting him. Only when the connection to his family is acknowledged, and the person's responsibility seen clearly and then distributed, can the individual feel unburdened and go about his personal affairs without anything from the past weighing him down or holding him back.— Bert Hellinger."

The Many Faces of Constellations

by Chantal Guillou-Brennan

Every Constellation work is tinted by the perspective, style and skill of the facilitator. Every one will start by applying the model Bert Hellinger developed for us. But soon their intuition and experience of “the Field” will allow them to sense, know and perceive beyond these guidelines. At time trusting the movement each representative feels when truly expressing “the Field” that connect us all as one, and on other occasions, allowing “the Field” to speak out through them. As such Constellation work becomes a Mastery of Awareness.

Group Constellations are a great way to "experience" the underlying dynamic that control a family, a system or a group engaged in a common goal. Whether you choose to have a Constellation done for yourself or you simply participate in one for someone else, you will receive insight and possibly healing.

Systemic Constellations address issues in a system such as a nation a business or any other entity or gathering of many people with a common interest or goal.

Family Constellations focus on the release of ancestral patterns that can lead to physical ailments or emotional trauma carried through generations. The process may unveil persisting ancestral vows and contracts contributing to unexplained physical, emotional or spiritual issues and at time lead to a Soul Constellation.

Soul Constellations most often start with a family constellation, yet they may involve greater systems, where the parts are related by ethnicity, nationality, geographic local, historical events or spiritual purpose. The resolution is fond on the soul level of the person, family or group. Soul Constellations can be done privately and evolve from a Soul Centered Hypnosis session during which the ancestral pattern is being addressed.

Shamanic Constellations (as done by Chantal Guillou-Brennan) involves a process known a Shamanic Journey during which the practitioner addresses the origin of an issue works in partnership with Spirit Guides or the Higher Self of the client. Resolution is brought about through “Shamanic journey" on the level of manifestation; know as the Quantum field or the Mind field. This process is shared in the Elemental Healing Training as part of personal work. This method allows a person to work on their own ancestral or systemic challenges.

Elemental Constellations is rooted in the Five Element theory and the cycles of generation and regeneration. Used to gain clarity and insight into difficult situations this method can addresses issue with our inner and outer world including relationships and systemic conflict whereas each element: Earth, Air/Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire, represent an aspect of the self. Representatives stand for each element to bring insight and balance to the system. This method allows a person to balance the elemental energies on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Private Constellations are conducted between the practitioner and the client. Tokens stand for the various "representatives" in a constellation, such as wooden doors but software may also be used that allows client and practitioner to be located in different places. I use wooden tools to represent to various parts in a constellation. In my experience, a private constellation offers the client the opportunity to share what the would not have in front of a group, allowing the facilitator to go deeper with the issue and to receive valuable information to get resolution. The other advantage is that the representatives (wooden doors) will not be triggered by this role in the Group Constellation and will not tint the constellation with their personal issue.

Facilitator Chantal Guillou-Brennan is a IACT & NGH certified Hypnotherapist. Founder of the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute, and Soul Centered Hypnosis Therapy, she offers private sessions and training in Mastery of Awareness™ and Integrative Energy Medicine.

Her Family/Systemic Constellations study was completed through independent study and intensive trainings with Dietrich Klinghardt at Omega Institute. Many teachers have contributed to her experience including Ed Lynch at the New England Systemic Constellation Institute, Carola Castillo, Francesca Mason Boring, Stephan Hausner, Dan Gates and Peter and Jamie Faust. Yet, it is her background in Shamanic healing and hypnosis that led her to integrate the dimension of the soul in her "family constellation" work.


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