8-hour training via Zoom or on-site in Milford, CT
Same curriculum with live interaction and practice

Build Partnership with Spirit

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and intuition are the skills of a true healer and seer, aka "shaman" or medicine man or woman found throughout the world. This development is the strength of IEMI program.
As they forge supporting partnerships with personal helping and guiding spirit, students practice four methods of Shamanic Journey to access that trance state.
Shamanic experience is then combined with energy medicine principles and hands-on protocol, further explored in Elemental Healing, Shamanic Divination & Psych-Development, Chakra Therapy & Shamanic Healing, Multidimensional Healing, Medical Intuitive, Soul Retrieval-Parts Therapy & DeathDoula Psychopmp. View dates and cost on registration form below.

Created and taught by IEMI founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan. Integrative Energy Medicine content is based on a lifetime of personal experience and extensive training in various modalities. Each training include a detailed illustrated manual to guide student practice. The aspiration is to see students be better than the teacher and to ultimately become IEMI teachers.

Same Curriculum via Zoom or in-Person

• Develop the skills of the Seer & Healer: aka Shaman
90% practice with individual support & live interaction
• Learn to create sacred space and understand why
• Understand why shamanism open you to psychic skills
• Appreciate shamanism for personal growth and to help others
• Open up to non ordinary reality with eleven shamanic journeys
• Navigate through the three Worlds of non-ordinary reality safely
• Explore the "pure-land" of the four directions
• Meet & receive healing from your Power Animal
• Meet your Spirit Ally & your Spirit Guide
• Forge reliable partnerships with your Spirit Ally & Spirit Guide
• Receive personal healing & wisdom
• Practice four methods of Shamanic Journey
• Reach the deep state of Shamanic Journey:
• Using the traditional drum beat, Yogic breath and modern technology
• Discover OB-Transmigration Journey
• Practice tracking in 3D reality

• Your investment includes:
• A detailed manual to practice on your own
• Audio files to practice shamanic journey
• eBooks to learn about your Power Animal
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
• Additional support through Facebook group: CT Shamanic Study & Practice