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    Discover your authentic multidimensional self.


Live Zoom training with personal & interactive participation. See and interact with the physical and energy body.

Healing Body Mind Spirit For Joyful Living

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Whether you want to help yourself or others, develop your ESP or acquire new healing skills, your journey starts here!

The Integrative Energy Medicine Institute is dedicated to the research and application of therapeutic methods of healing using Integrative Energy Medicine protocol based on the Human & Universal Energy Field (physical, Chakra, Meridian, Auric/Etheric, Karmic, Atmic bodies and systems); as well as mind over matter principles and multi-dimensional aspect of reality with the study and Mastery of Awareness™, hypnosis and shamanism.

The IEM Institute offers trainings and certifications in Integrative Energy Medicine, Mastery of Awareness and shamanism, focusing on the expansion of human consciousness and integration of healing modalities into a coherent system of healing. Hands-on exercises are the corner stone of each class offering valuable energy tools and spiritual practices to help you heal and grow as you learn. Programs are ideal for anyone wanting to transform their life, raise their vibration as well as those who desire to develop their healing abilities, Extra Sensory Perception and intuition.

Our program is offered in individual classes that you can combine to fit your goal and depth of study. From self-help classes, energy medicine training, Reiki and EFT, to Shamanism and the Mastery of Awareness Program focused on the development of intuition and Extra Sensory Perception.

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Energy is what makes up the smallest particle of reality. It is the life force keeping your body alive and giving you vitality, and enthusiasm to enjoy life. Our Energy Medicine program teaches to channel energy to heal yourself and others and to raise your vibration to reconnect you to your Soul path. You learn to recognize and interact with the energy bodies and systems with the Universal and Human Energy Field. Become an Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner.

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Being the only modality to include a self-healing practice, Reiki is the foundation of the energy medicine program. With Reiki exercises you learn to transmute toxin and remove energy blocks, create protection form psychic attacks, release negative emotions and energization exercise to boost your vitality. As you Reiki yourself you then raise your vibration to reconnect to your Soul Path. Life begins to flow harmoniously. With Reiki 2 and 3 you learn to channel healings, practice remotely and address specific ailments.

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Ancient wisdom & practices from indigenous culture, yogic tradition and modern technology are weaved into this Shamanic study program to help students develop their Extra Sensory Perception. Proven shamanic healing methodologies to help yourself, to explore the multiverse, to deepen your connection to Spirit, or to help others, expose students to a new world of possibilities has they pursue their exploration of the Human and the Universal Energy Fields. Classes are part of the Mastery of Awareness program.

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Based on the development of Extra Sensory Perception and intuition, classes focus on therapeutic methodology and the understanding and mapping of the Human Energy Field (HEF) and the Universal Energy Field as well as individual perception of multidimensional reality in relation to ones beliefs. Ancient and modern practices and methodologies are weaved into the program to foster the expansion of awareness, for exploration each student’s full potential within the Multiverse.

Integrative Energy Medicine and Mastery of Awareness

by Chantal Guillou-Brennan —CHT, IEMI & Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

AAccording to the World Health Organization, approximately 75% of all pharmaceutical agents are consumed in the US. In spite of that, we are among the unhealthiest individuals in the world.

For thousands of years, our ancestors used life force energy to heal themselves, ward off illness, and renew their strength and vitality.

With the advents of energy medicine and energy psychology, we now understand that physical symptoms have a counterpart in the energy body and can be treated at that level. Applying a new synergistic understanding to apparent disharmony and False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR), we bring back: flow where stagnation created pain and illness; harmony and coherence where disconnection and separation created suffering, anxiety and depression; and peaceful joy and compassion where self-centeredness fueled destruction. Everyone has the innate ability and right to tap into the Universal Life Force Energy to create the body, mind and life that they long for.

Begin your transformation today and visit the training page. Explore at your own pace with affordable trainings, and PlayShops or contact us for a Spiritual Coaching, and a private Integrative Energy Medicine or hypnosis session.

Of all the system of energy that we have created nothing compares to the human body; the play of electric currents darting through a large metropolis like New York is child’s play compare to it. Energy is the foundation of the cellular existence and the life force and intelligence coursing through the nervous system, the Meridian (Nadis) and Chakra (vortices /acu-points). Thoughts and emotions also are energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

Modern medicine focuses on diagnosing patients as a sum of parts and focus on treating symptoms. Yet, what are symptoms but the overt display of disharmony in the whole.

However, we know because the meridian system, feeding the vital force to the organs, has been successfully mapped by modern technology, (read more here,) that energy circulates through all the organs within 24 hours. This means that a block within the flow of energy will result in an area of congestion (before the block) and an area of depletion (after the block.) The depletion and congestion are what we perceive as symptoms. Blocks elude modern medicine that focuses only on what the five senses can assess. Although we know that the observer influences the experiment, “science” requires that the results be consistent and repeatable! It bases all observation on the five senses. What is this system of perception?

Integrative Energy Medicine (IEM) is a synergistic approach to energy medicine, which builds upon insights from Chinese medicine, Yoga, Reiki, therapeutic Qi Gong, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Shamanism, Hypnosis, EFT, Family Constellation and other healing modalities; and which is supported by the Universal Life Force Energy.

IEM complements allopathic medicine, integrating knowledge of the physical body and energy body to bring back harmony within the physical body, peace of mind, joy & contentment, a positive outlook on life with sense of purpose and connection with a power greater than oneself.

With easy-to-learn techniques you can tap into the Universal Life Force Energy to eliminate aches and pains and improve overall health and longevity as well as uplift your spirit to new understanding.

The Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner acknowledges and interacts with all the physical systems of the body (circulatory, organ, muscles, nervous, endocrine… to name a few) as well as the Chakra and Meridian systems and the energy bodies emotional, mental, karmic and Atmic.

Acknowledged within these systems/bodies are the inter-relations between individuated souls; some of which are seen from the perspective of the genealogy (Family Constellation) and others from the perspective of the soul, and past and future lives (regression/ Soul Centered Hypnosis/ Shamanism).

Integrative Energy Medicine understands that physical symptoms have a counterpart in the Human and in the Universal Energy Fields of the body and can be treated at that level.

The Truth About Reality

At the end of the seventeenth century Newtonian physics became the corner-stone of science. It was based on the theory that there is only matter and nothing else, that the whole universe is like a machine, made of matter, and so are we. Medical science has been stuck in the Newtonian concept despite the advance of quantum physics. However, it was back in 1923 that Albert Einstein revealed that matter is energy with the famous E=MC2.

The body is made of molecules; these are made of atoms, which are composed of particles known as protons, electrons, and neutrons... The same stuff found running through the wires to lit up your home or make up the chair you sit in. Not only that but also these particles are, in proportion of their size and movement, separated by vast amount of “space”. Revealing that matter is made of no less than 99.99 percent empty space! This fact was artfully explained in the 1990 movie Mind Walk inspired by the writings of physicist and author Fritjof Capra, (the Turning Point and the Tao of Physics.)

So as we “focus” of the remaining tangible particles we realize that these suddenly morph into waves. It appears that as soon as we attempts to observe the state of these particles they tend to vanish to become a wave with a specific amplitude and frequency. The deeper you go to discover the nature of reality the more you realize that there is more “nothingness” / non-energy / space than measurable energy. Yes the universe is made of energy that we can measure and play with. Energy which plays a dance of morphing from particles to wave as we, the observer, attempt to label, qualify, quantify what reality truly is. As our brain attempts to create a tangible reality, a sense of security, boundaries, relationship and most of all a sense of self, we continue to name creation and further estrange ourselves form the Whole.

But what about the non-energy, that space between quantum particles? This is what the Chinese called Wuji1 and what in the west we have come to understand and know as Rei – from the practice of Reiki. This 99.99% of everything is in fact what holds creation, all particles together. It is what makes the fabric of reality. It is what Einstein attempted to understand in the last years of his life, and named: the Unifying Field. It is consciousness: yours, mine, and the consciousness of every living being, of every creature and every creation in the universe. It is what we have named God or the one known by a thousand names, the Infinite Supreme Principle of the Universe, for science the Unifying Field for others Love/Agape.

Shamans—indigenous people from every culture—have always viewed all life and objects as alive, as possessing a spirit. For our ancestor talking to plants to gain knowledge was a nurtured skill often passed from one generation to the next; until it was misunderstood, feared and repressed by various factions and religions.

As practitioner at the service of that ultimate principle of Love, which abides all of creation, we must take responsibility for the energy that we nurture in our body, mind and spirit. A daily spiritual practice, and energization exercises are highly recommended to maintain good health as a practitioner but also for anyone serious about heir own personal and spiritual growth and wellbeing.

In her book, The Field, Lynne McTaggart writes “The universe is not a storehouse of static, separate objects, but a single organism of interconnected energy fields”.

Quantum physics postulates that matter, at its most basic subatomic level, isn’t matter at all; but it’s just a collection of tiny bundles of energy. A bundle of information creating order and form. The Chi (or Ki in Reiki) that courses our body, is part of and, makes up the Human Energy Field (HEM). This energy field is express in an infinite “layers” of fields, which are part of a larger field known as the Universal Energy Field (UEF). Both the HEF and the UEF are interlace with that other field of Consciousness that 99.99% of was it, and is the non-energy that binds the UEF/HEF together to give existence to our consensus reality. Thus, our physical, emotional, mental, karmic bodies are field of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

The toroidal magnetic field vibrating around planet earth also exists around our body, around our heart and even around an apple. This is a measurable field of energy and information, which is timeless, boundless and interconnected with third dimensional reality as well as other reality, called in shamanism non-ordinary reality.

Within this Human Energy field we hold our emotions and thought and the history of our soul and that of our soul group, which is our genealogical history within each lifetime also interconnected with all the expressions of the Whole.

Imagine that the entire electro-magnetic spectrum of reality is the length of the Mississippi river, meandering for 2,320 miles through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana; like a long trip of film with thousands of frames each one inch wide, stretching from the edge of Canada to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. How much of this spectrum do we truly perceive with our five senses? How much of reality are we aware of? The truth is that we can only perceive one frame of this long, long stretch of film, one frame --one inch wide. This is the only portion of the spectrum, which is visible to humans. One frame located near the birthplace of Mark Twain in Hannibal, Missouri.

Just like we are told that we only use 10% of our brain. What is the other 90% doing? Why does it even exist? Is it possible to perceive reality beyond the capabilities of your five senses?

Yes, because you are more than this physical body and you not only have the innate ability to perceive beyond the invisible but you do it every night. You do it when you mediate, when you take a shamanic journey, when you remote-view, when you naturally project your consciousness into other realities and dimensions. These reality and dimension are not always outside the body because the body is art of the whole these dimension exist within your self. And energy medicine parishioners learn to expand their awareness to perceive within the subtle Human Energy Field.

The Power of Energy Medicine & The Evolution of Mankind

Everything is not only energy but everything is interconnected and sacred. Divine Intelligence is the binder of creation, and the greatest force in the universe is Love (not the strong or weak or atomic or electromagnetic or gravitational force.) As such the practitioner works in partnership with Divine Intelligence (or Holy Spirit) present in all life and in every form. Divine Intelligence is what quantum physics understands to be the 99.99% of non-energy that exists between the infinitely small particles of energy that make up what we call matter (an our body). It is what the ancient called Wuji and it is the part called Rei in Rei-Ki. For this reason Reiki is the basis of the energy medicine program. Yet Reiki is taught as it was originally taught: more as a spiritual practice than a healing modality.

It is no surprise that every ancient healing practice were founded on a spiritual practice, higher ideals and moral integrity.

An expanded consciousness does not only come with a sense of bliss and peace, or the awareness of an infinite presence, but it may be the catalyst for problem solving, leaps in scientific discoveries, the birth of masterpiece, the expression of genius and ultimately the leap that sparks human evolution. These sparks are not always beneficial to society and human kind when devoid of moral integrity, propelled by higher ideals and spiritual guidance. As we can observe from histories leader like Hitler who despite his vegetarian diet and practice of meditation used his charismatic influence to manipulate vibration for power and destruction.

To be a spark for positive change and healing the intent propelling energy must be laced with higher ideals to benefit the highest good of All, and devoided of selfish gain. When one understands, knows, feels, that we are all one, it become impossible to hurt another without hurting oneself / Creation / I AM. When actions, deeds, thoughts and emotions are seen as thread of energy that continue their growth in the Eternal Now, then each expression of the Soul, Spirit, Mind, Body is for the highest good of ALL and that automatically includes the individuated Soul.

As a channel of Love and Light, practitioners first open themselves to the guidance of Spirit and the power of Divine Guidance. Through the development of Extra Sensory Perception they apply skills and knowledge (of the physical and energy bodies/systems) to reestablish harmony of body/mind/spirit/soul (soma/nous/pneuma/psyche).

However exercises and recommendations are always part of each treatment to empower the client and to give them the tools to support what has transpired in their IEMI session. The client is invited to participate in their transformation from disharmony to harmony. And if they do, only a few sessions will be required for them to have the tools to help themselves and see significant improvement in their outlook on life, their emotional and mental construct and physical health and wellness. If they don’t it has been noticed that the symptoms reappear within 4 to 5 days after a session. Yes, energy medicine has helped bring some harmony back the whole but if the client remains unaware, of the root cause to the ailment, then the thought pattern will give birth to the emotion that affects the form.

Therefore every healing is self-healing; and healing is not curing.

Healing may come in many different forms, depending of the Soul’s purpose for incarnation. If you’re not sure or don’t believe in past lives, ask yourself: if time is an illusion then what are past lives?

From the therapeutic stand, the answer is irrelevant; because whether the experience of past life, is the result of consensus reality or the expression of the Divine in the Multiverse, or metaphors based on imagination, it remains that regression therapy such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and Soul Centered Hypnosis may help find answers to questions and foster healing; giving the person a renewed sense of direction, and physical, emotional, mental relief.

Time is fourth dimensional reality; this is the reality in which we live. Third dimension is pure physicality (x/y/z), and time is the measure of movement and transition form one state to another or the “x/y/z” by virtue of will/intent and consensus reality.

More importantly when looking at the human expression on a three-dimensional level of consciousness, Body/Mind/Spirit, we forget the timeless dimension of the Soul and therefore the purpose of the life expression. (This principle is the basis of Shamanic healing with the medicine wheel. View Class Training.) The fourth dimensional perspective takes in consideration: the body/soma, the mind/nous (with the dimension of human mind vs God Mind), the spirit/pneuma (Holy Spirit and etheric body or perispirit) and the soul/psyche (the eternal presence individuated and yet present with the I Am, the particle and the wave.)

Within this last concept the distinction between the psyche/soul and the spirit/pneuma is the most important as it allow for the justification of departed (spirits) earthbound who may affect the living. (Learn more about Psychopomp – Escorting the dead to the light).

The soul/psyche is the first individuation point separating from Source. From this point of individuation the Soul projects itself in a myriad of aspects (some of which we call past lives) although it is evident that these projections do not occur in a linear form (read Robert Monroe) but exist simultaneously in the Eternal Now.

These aspects are expressed first as spirits/pneuma (the breath of life), then as consciousness /nous and finally as Soma/ body.

We are “living” one of these aspects of our soul and we are here because of Karma: the law of cause and effect. The original cause of Karma is free will but that is another subject.

Ultimately the cause of all disharmonies is separation from Divine Intelligence/Source. Once the individual can align themselves back with their Soul’s intent for incarnation then life begins to flow effortlessly. Physical ailments are the result of this estrangement from the Soul path to remember Union. Our individual purpose in any life experience is to get us back to Source, to peace. (Not necessarily a boring state, when you understand that this is the realm of pure potentiality, creation in harmony and unconditional Love.)

When the person dies the Spirit holding the patterns, memory of the incarnation returns to the soul. (Read about integration of spirit (body) with the soul here, and what happens when the integration is only partial.)

Why Do We Suffer?

When a thought pattern is repeated for a substantial period of time, it will generate an emotion. When nurtured this emotion will affect the corresponding Meridian/Chakra and organ system. (Read about it here)

Think of yourself as an ocean of energy made up of a multitude of frequency. Some frequencies vibrate at a low rate and others at a higher and higher rate. Now within this frequency is the I Am presence that, in its ultimate wisdom, crystallized thought into form. We, although part of the I AM presence, find ourselves to be individuated and self-aware. This self-awareness is the birth of the word and therefore of form. In the naming of creation we became estranged from Source and the more we take things apart the more we suffer. You heard it before FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) is separation and Love is Union.

We are ONE with the ALL. This can only be understood from the either to spiritual of quantum level. Just imagine your power as a healer when you feel the “I AM” abiding in every atom in your body the Ki/Chi/Qi/measurable-quantifiable-energy, bound by the non-energy/wave/ gluon/wuji/ Rei/Divine intelligence. What if you could just acknowledge that this 99.99% was the source of all healing, all harmony; that intent/mind/will when at one with the “nous” the divine mind has the power to create reality?

The difference between pain and suffering is that pain is the result of a trauma most often a physical injury or illness and as the result of hardship such as loss of a loved one. Suffering occurs when the physical or emotional pain becomes the focus of attention and turns to self pity, anger, resentment, jealousy, nurtured grief and obsessive compulsive rituals that sustain the memory of the trauma. Pain happens but we cultivate suffering.

Integrative Energy Medicine uncovers the root cause of physical, emotional and mental imbalance combining different perspectives/modalities. Each modality is the result of a unique perspective and observation of the human body. Some will acknowledge rivers of lights called Nadis, meridian, and vortex of energy called acupressure/puncture points also known as Chakra. Yet they are each part of the same human body.

Our present knowledge of the Human Energy Field (energy bodies meridians, chakra…) originates in different cultures, which used different language. Right now we have mixed different language to explain what we are rediscovering. On top of this every time someone adds a new perspective to a modality it gets renamed, sometimes using terms even more confusing. (Read about EFT for a good example of this.)

The Integrative Energy Medicine Institute research aims at integrating these different perspectives into a coherent language that we can all refer to and grow from.

What happened when we only focus on the physical body and ignore the emotion, thoughts, desires of the self and the aspirations of the soul? Simply put chaos ensues. Suffering unlike pain is a sate of mind that requires nurturing of a thought pattern. When the body gets hurts, when circumstances of life generate emotional pain, we still have a choice: we can help along the self-healing ability of the body to bring back health and wellness, with energy medicine; and we can honor our grief and emotional pain and forgive ourselves for our attachment to form, give thanks for what we have and find peace again to co-create our life.

The Tools of Integrative Energy Medicine

Energy, being the fundamental building block of all that exists in our known universe, is the ultimate, most powerful and reliable tool available to human kind. The source of this energy is eternal, omnipresent and infinitely inexhaustible. Channeling this energy in its purest state is the foundation of our training.

If quantum physics exposed that E=MC2 (Energy aka light = EVERYTHING), the Copenhagen Interpretation revealed that subatomic particles aren’t only particles at all but rather exist as, and consist of, wave forms and/or particles, but cannot be both at the same time because they exist in no specific place until they’re observed. In other word this strange yet powerful theory infers that human consciousness, will, intent, mind, thoughts influences the very building blocks of life, and of matter. Thus our next most valuable tool is the cultivation of higher ideals, integrity, compassion, understand, kindness, and love.

It is worth mentioning here Masuro Emoto’s remarkable experiment on the molecule of water affected by emotions. Realizing that our body is made of more than 75% water we can understand the effects of emotion (E-nergy in motion,) and words have on our physiology. Emoto showed that water was a “blueprint for our reality” and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water. (Read article on Cymatic.)

Hence, a spiritual practice, exercises to promote health and vitality, nutrition (including life force energy infused food and water,) are as important as a self-healing practice to become a clear and pure channel of energy. Religiosity is not required to grasp the power of intention, integrity and loving kindness.

Yet, deep at the core of this energy that we tap into, we now notice quantum particles separated by vast amount of space or non-energy*. This non-energy has had many names form the unifying field to Wuji or the Rei (in Rei-Ki) and this power greater than ourselves that we may call Divine Intelligence or God or just acknowledge to just be. But forces us to wonder….

What can possibly hold these quantum particles of energy together? What can possibly dictate which bundle of particles is a galaxy or a liver? If not Divine intelligence, or this power greater than ourselves.

My religiosity consists in a humble admiration of the infinitely superior spirit that reveals itself in the little that we, with our weak and transitory understanding, can comprehend of reality.” — Albert Einstein.

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter. - Max Planck

As such IEM practitioner combine a regular self-healing and nurturing practice to promote vitality, clarity of mind and intuitive wisdom for healthy body, mind and spirit. Dedicating oneself to the ongoing study and application of energy medicine modalities based on modern and ancient knowledge and methodology.

Among these are Chinese, Ayurvedic and Yogic based methodology such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Core Energetic, Barbara Brennan related methods, shamanic healing, EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Mudras, acupressure, Qi Gong; and finally methodologies based on study of the Human and Universal Energy Fields and consciousness. These connect us to a vaster informational field (and body of knowledge) to explore genealogic and karmic entanglements through the study or/and experience of Shamanism, Family Constellation, prayer/meditation, and hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Soul Centered Hypnosis Soul Life Between Lives, Remote Viewing, Transmigration and Astral Projection.

Notes:*According to string theory, the fundamental constituents of the physical world are not point like particles but infinitesimal one-dimensional loops, or strings. All the particles and forces in the universe arise from these strings vibrating at different frequencies.

Recommend reading for a deeper understanding of the above:

The goal of the therapeutic treatment is to bring back harmony within and between the systems/bodies and to empower the individual to express their soul’s purpose.

For the practitioner the focus is to become and remain a clear and pure channel for Divine Consciousness (love) and Energy (light) to flow to the receiver. This is obtained with by ongoing self-healing and the cultivation of higher ideals in alignment with the aspiration of the soul rather than the pursue of self satisfying desire with utter disregard for others and for Creation.

Reiki 1 provides a simple yet powerful methodology to not only clear, harmonize and energize physical and energetic bodies but Reiki reconnects the person to their soul path by raising their vibration to match that of their Soul.

Many other modality have “energization” exercises and meditation Qi Gong, Kriya Yoga, Pranic Healing. However except for Reiki, channeling the unlimited energy of Source through the Crown Chakra, the energy is gathered through the feet or from the environment.

When channeled through the feet and passes through the Tandien (Tantien, second chakra in the 14 chakra system) which holds the vital force of the practitioner. Using will and intent the practitioner then channels the energy upward through the lower Chakras (which hold childhood traumas). In this scenario the energy flowing through the hand of the practitioner in imbued with the vibration for the practitioner who is as pure as his body, mind and spirit (not Soul which is on another level of consciousness.) In contrast, the Reiki practitioner channels the energy through the upper chakra directly from source using invocation and the open channels created by the Reiki attunements. He has also practices Reiki on him/herself for a minimum of 21 days before being eligible to take Reiki 2 and in our program has practice at least 40 hours on others to take Reiki 3.

Find out why all Reiki classes are not created equal.


Treatments enhanced by Jade & Tourmaline FAR-Infrared (FIR) & Negative Ions Emission

Energy Healing Therapy Enhanced by the Natural Power of Jade & Tourmaline FAR-Infrared (FIR) & Negative Ions Emission Far infrared is proving to be a factor in strengthening the body's resistance to infectious diseases, increasing the oxygen capacity of the blood, and improving stress tolerance. Exposure to FIR increases lymphocytes and neutrophils, and reduces the frequency of colds and respiratory infections.

Far infrared Anti-Aging Factor stimulates the production of cell tissue and rapidly promotes the regeneration of skin and blood tissue in areas exposed to its healing rays. Far infrared (FIR) speeds cellular metabolic rates by stimulating the activity of mitochondria, and triggering enzyme activity, flushing out toxins and reducing pain and swelling.

FIR is able to neutralize blood toxicity and smooth the walls of arteries, capillaries and veins. Once this happens, the delivery of fresh nutrients and oxygen to repair and vitalize your hands is enhanced. FIR may improved blood circulation, oxygenation of tissues, improved mobility of bones and ...

Heal the Body With the Mind

It is possible to heal the body with the mind, and there is scientific proof to this

The mind is the control center of the human being, even more so than you know. The mind can make decisions, learn new things and feel emotions — it can also heal the body. You heard it right, the mind can completely and utterly destroy all signs of disease from the body.

One of the worst things to hear from your doctor is that you have a serious illness. The plans will be altered and your life will now revolve around treatments and medications, right? In most cases, this scenario proves to be true. In those few cases, this couldn’t be further from fact, especially if you know how to think correctly.

LEARN REIKI. HEAL YOURSELF. RECONNECT TO YOUR SOUL PATH. Certification Training in Energy Medicine  Reiki & EFT  Shamanic Healing Mastery  of Awareness IEMInstitute.org


  • I enjoyed the Shamanism 101 course. I learned how to go 'beyond myself' to explore and better myself. Twice a month, drum circles let me continue to practice what I learned in Shamanism 101. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn more about themselves and the world, in ways that move you outside the box. I really believe that this course has helped me with lucid dreaming, as well! Chantal is a wonderful teacher who will guide you and help you grow. This course is the foundation for other courses that she teaches!

    Wendy R. Milford, CT.

  • I've recently had the pleasure of studying Reiki 1 with Chantal and can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for finally learning this modality. I had studied with a couple of different teachers and never felt confident enough to practice. With Chantal I found her to be very knowledgeable and she taught in such a way that even the novice beginner could understand. Most important to me was how she honored the sacred space of receiving the attunements separate from class. I left knowing what was expected of me if I chose to move on or not and how simple it can be to use this energy in everyday life. I recommend this class with Chantal as a true blessing and a wonderful gift for self.

    —Laura K. of Wallingford/ Meriden

make your own Native American drum in ceremony.