Energy Tools for Healthy Breathing

By Chantal Guillou-Brennan


Complimentary class offered at Tutu's House in Waimea, on June 9th 2014. For Sinus & Chest Congestion and Asthma plus how to cope with the effect of the Vog.

Coping with Vog from Halema'uma'u

There is no way to stop volcanoes from emitting SO2, nor to control wind direction.
However, there are several steps you can take to lessen the effects of the volcanic plume on yourself and your family. Stay indoors, and keep windows and doors shut tightly.
If you have an air conditioner or dehumidifier, these can help to remove SO2 and sulfur aerosols from the air, because both devices condense moisture out of the air that the gases and the aerosol particles will dissolve into.
If you don’t have either of these appliances, you can make your own inexpensive filtration system (pictured below), which uses baking soda (a base) to neutralize airborne sulfur compounds: as the fan passes room air over the moist baking soda, it will react with the acidic vog to neutralize it and dissolve it into the moisture in the cheesecloth. (Of course, this homemade remedy isn't perfect--but it should help!)"

For more information please refer to the original page on Natural Hazard Big Island byt the University of Hawaii

How to use cheesecloth, baking soda and a fan to combat vog


Energy Medicine can help But before you increase the capacity of you rlungs with these exercise make sure to follow the recommendation above to clear your living area from Sulfure Dioxide.

for example it is well know that menthol cigarette are more toxic than regular cigarette because the menthol open the bronchial tubes and allow for larger amount of toxin to enter the system. So first purify your area then do the exercises below. So especially when using aromatherapy prepareyour sapce to inhale clean air..

DISCLAIMER: All the exercises given here are not intended to replace emergency or allopathic care. Please use your own judgement and listen to your body to make decisions about your health and wellness. If condition worsen consult a health care professional.

When doing mudras you want to remember to breath, to do the mudra at least 15 minutes 3 times a day. If possible avoid stressing situation when practicing instead visualize a beautiful place in nature that you love and relax. At first the mudr may not be easy to hold. Rest your hand on your legs or a pillow or bed to straighten the fingers that are stiff and curled inward. If you experience discomfort of course either reduce the time or discontinue.

Recommended reading: Mudra Yoga in your hands by Gertrud Hirschi.

Every day Breathing Mudras

The next 4 mudras will make you feel what a full breath feels like. You can play with these on your own, meditate with each and watch their effects.

Chin Mudra (Abominal Breathing)

Join the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb, making the “OK” sign. Extend the last three fingers. Place your hands on the tops of your thighs, palms down. Close your eyes and relax the muscles of your face. Breathe deeply through the nose, Feel your belly expand as the diaphragm expands, pushing out the abdominal wall.

Chinmaya Mudra (Mid-chest Breathing)

Keep the index finger and thumb together, but curl the last three fingers into your palms tightly. Rest your hands on your thighs with the backs of your fingers on your legs. Your arms will spread slightly away from your chest and you feel the ribs

Adhi Mudra (Upper-chest Breathing)

Open your hands and place your thumb inside your palm. Wrap all four fingers around the thumbs tightly. Rest your hands back on your thighs, fingers on the thighs. As you breathe, notice that the sensation has moved to the upper chest. Feel the collarbones rise and fall and notice how the breath feel cooler in the back of the throat and seems to rise up into the head. Continue for two to five minutes.

>Brahma Mudra (The Complete Breath)

Keeping the hands in Adhi Mudra, join the backs of the fingers and knuckles together at the solar plexus, elbows pointing out to the sides. This pose stimulates all three lobes of the lungs. Sitting up tall with your shoulders back, breathe into the lower lungs and let the air lift the body up and lengthen the spine as you fill all the way to the top of the lungs. Inhale to your fullest capacity. Exhale, starting from the lower lungs. Feel your diaphragm contract and force the air out from the bottom. Exhale completely before inhaling again.

Emergency Astma Mudra.

Both hands: Place the little finger at the base of the thumb, the ring finger on the upper thumb joint, and the middle finger on the pad of the thumb. Extend the index finger.Pause after each inhale and each exhale. Mantra. Every breath gives me strength. It strengthens my body, mind, and soul.
Herbal Remedy: Thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.), Primrose (Primula peris L.), and Elder (Sambucus nigra L.) are the most important herbs for the bronchial tubes.

Asthma Mudra:

Both hands: Press together the fingernails of the middle fingers and keep other fingers extended. In case of an acute asthma attack, first do the Bronchial Mudra (Number 4) for 4 to 6 minutes. Then use this Asthma Mudra until the breathing calms down. For long-term treatment, use these two mudras five times every day for 5 minutes.
Affirmation: / have a healthy appetite for the small and large adventures of life. I digest the challenges with great pleasure and joy.

Sinus and Chest Congestion:
Varuna Mudra. Bend the little finger of your right hand until the tip touches the ball of your right thumb; place the thumb of your right hand on it. Press the little finger and thumb slightly with your left thumb. At the same time, your left hand encircles the right hand lightly from below. Do as needed, or practice three times a day for 45 minutes.

Affirmation: I always have “possibilities”—letting go of something, searching for a solution, and changing things.
Natural remedy is Horesradish and plenty of water.
Syrup made by macerating black radish slices in organic sugar.

Acupressure: See why it works

For chest decongestion:

For left breast, or lung. We are going to use 2 points. The first one is found by laying your hand across the top of your elbow just above the funny bone. Right above the width of your hand is the first point.
The second point if one hand length above your knee on ther inner side of the leg. both point should be slightly painful when pressing on it. Hold both point until you feel a pulse in each point and wait until the rhythm of the pulse is the same at each point. Do 3 x a day.
To decongestion the left lung or increase breath intake of that lung: press the point on the outer arm with your right hand and press the point on the inner thigh with your left hands. This is best done sited.

Acuppressure for Sinus congestion. Works on left Sinus.
1st Left hand on right 4/12 Back on neck on occipital bone
Right hand on left 20 above the eyebrow toward the nose
2nd Right hand on left brow toward the nose
3rd Right hand on left 21 under cheekbone at height of corner of nose
4th Right hand on left 22 in same line right under the collarbone

Sinus Herbal remedy that I use is a strong tea made with Thyme, Rosemary, Mint, Eucalyptus. You can use the fresh herbs or essential oils for this. Put a towel over your head and inhale the vapor of the hot tea. (Do not ingest). You can substitute the plant for flower essence of each of these and use: Benzoin Tincture 10%; Eucalyptus Tincture 60%; Lavender Extract 1%; L-Menthol 1%; Peru Balsam 1%; Thyme Extract 1%.

Because lungs related issues have often their root in grief and sadness this method will now engage the emotional and mental bodies.


Self Help Hypnosis. and EFT are two other modality that can help in chronic disease because they have their root in psycho spiritual issues.
Self-Hypnosis for any issue to do for a minimum of 7 days up to three weeks..
1. When you go to bed and just before you are ready to fall asleep, give yourself the following suggestion while holding each finger in turn for a total of 10 affirmations:
“Every day, in every way, I am better and better”
While you are saying the suggestion, see yourself completely healthy and doing what you love with vitality, joy. Imagine any other positive feeling while doing this.
In order not to fall asleep and not to lose count, every time you say the suggestion press and hold with each finger of your right hand. Then, continue with each finger of your left hand until you’ve completed the suggestion 10 times.
This may be your first attempt at learning to effectively program yourself through suggestion. It is of the utmost importance to do this exercise every night without falling asleep until you’ve completed the 10 repetitions.
You are beginning to establish a habit pattern of properly programming yourself by giving yourself positive suggestions before going to sleep. The next day, you’ll find yourself reacting very positively to that suggestion.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Tapping: Uses a series of acupressure point to release patterns of thoughts and emotions locked in the meridian system.
To do EFT for yourself follow this link to use the EFT online manual or call me for a private session. Cclick on the download link at the bottom of the EFT page.

Important: While doing EFT you will notice that at the point of release you may feel disoriented or slightly dizzy which may prevent you from continuing the tapping. This is normal and it is why it is helpful to do this with someone else who can coach you through this stage and bring you deeper into the issue so you can release the core belief behind the physical or emotional challenge.

Additional Flow from Jin Shin Jyutsu

Learn more about Jin Shin Jyutsu on this site


One of the principles of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that in a 24 hour period energy feed all the organs of our body. When we have a block some where it created an area of depletion and an area of congestion. Jin Shin Jyutu is the art of harmonizing these flow by using our hands.


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