This class length is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a 30 minutes lunch break. Bring a journal to record your attunement expereince.
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Reiki I Training Certification – Heal Yourself & Much More

Discover the power of ReiKi energy medicine to bring harmony of body - mind - spirit.

With IEMI Reiki training students have four unique attunements during which they receive healing and wisdom for their life. Ideal for anyone with emotional or physical ailments or those who feel drained from working in the service or healthcare industry, Reiki is more that a healing modality as it includes valuable practices to bring harmony of body mind and spirit. Reiki is the easiest and fastest way to raise your vibration by increasing energy circulation within the chakra and meridian systems.

Anyone can learn Reiki and no prior experience is necessary. Reiki, pronounced "ray key", is a heart-centered practice channeling the energy of source for the highest good of the receiver. Read the testimonials. This Reiki 1 class is so unique that many Reiki 2 and 3 retake it to improve their own life. All that pertains to self-healing has been pulled out of Reiki 2 and 3 to be included in this Reiki 1 class. LMTs earn 7 CEUs per Reiki class.

Heal yourself and others & raise your vibration to reconnect to your Soul path.

This Reiki 1 class includes ancient meditation to clear blocks, four atunements during which you meet your guide for inspiration and receive healing and guidance. learn to Reiki yourself, to attune to the vibration of your soul, thus aligning you to your soul path. Receive many tools to clear negative energy and blocks, remove traumas, energize and protect yourself; ways to transmute toxin and add life force energy to your food and water; specific Reiki protocols to improve eyesight, boost your immune system and balance hormones and thyroid. Designed to be "the level to heal yourself this is the most important level of all. (Read Why all Reiki classes are not created equal.)

Upon completion of Reiki 3 you will be a 10th generation Reiki Master after Sensei Mikao Usui.

The class is divided in two sessions. The morning session focuses on learning the meaning, the origin and power of Rei and Ki; and how to channel to the highest vibration from Source for the highest good of self and others. You receive the four attunements of Reiki 1 in sacred space and ceremony. While you are lead into a meditation with specific intention, you meet your Reiki guide and to receive guidance and healing. The experience is reviewed with your teacher who helps you understand the deeper meaning of your vision.
The afternoon session is 100% hands on of all the different practices included in this class. From the three pillar of Reiki to the scanning and removing of blocks, clearing aura and negative energy, psychic protection and specialty hand position as described below in the curriculum. This portion of the class may be repeated as needed by IEMI graduate for $25 or taken by non-IEMI Reiki 1 student for $50pp. (See requirement to take Reiki 2.)

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL: I highly recommend receiving Reiki training from Chantal. She is wonderful teacher who is loving, gracious, kind and knowledgeable. She provides her students with detailed coursework materials to study from and many opportunities to practice this spiritual work. She embodies Reiki and is truly a master in every sense of the word. I will also add that I was completely transformed by learning Reiki. My extrasensory perception is significantly enhanced and I have been awakened to the spiritual world in new and amazing ways. You've heard the commercials from advertisers that promise that you'll amaze your friends by the changes that will happen to you when you use their product or take their course? Well that exactly describes what has happened to me. My life is full of joy and appears to be guided by the angelic realm. I was just introduced to the work of Doreen Virtue and found myself nodding in agreement while reading all her descriptions of how angels communicate with us, because this is how I now experience life. This is not to say that I no longer encounter difficulties; however, the sense of awe from the happenings and gifts received each day has been unending since taking Reiki I and Reiki II and regularly following the practice. I very much look forward to taking the Reiki III class with Chantal. — Maria B. from Bethany, CT.

Although many students take Reiki 1 to help themselves with no intention to become hold a Reiki practice, it is in Reiki 2 that you truly unleash the power of Reiki to help yourself with life’s situation, relationships and to be able to help family, friends and shape the world in a positive way. For this reason it is recommended to not wait more than 2 month to take Reiki 2. Often those who do will have let go of their self-healing practice and require the Reiki 1 Review class (afternoon session of Reiki 1 training) before taking Reiki 2.

Preparing for Reiki 1 & the attunements?
Yes it is best not to get drunk the night before your Reiki class; but do you need to change your diet or do anything special to receive the energy of Divine love and light? NO. As a matter of fact the most dejected person on the planet may not accept this love but that doesn’t mean that this love and light doesn’t accept him or her.
So come with yourself and open mind and heart. Bring a notebook to record your experience.

  Through a well organized Reiki lecture including many hands-on exercises, clear demonstrations, and supervised hands-on Reiki practice, you will learn Reiki quickly and easily, to treat physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disharmony in yourself and others. You will receive many tools to help yourself and others.
Administer a full body Reiki Treatment
  Practice the hand positions to give yourself a full body Reiki Treatment
  Know how to give Reiki to your family and how to give special treatments to infants, children, pets and plants.
Learn three special treatments to address common issues
  • Additional hand positions for improving vision and eyes health
  • Additional hand positions to boost your immune system
  • Additional hand positions for hormonal balance and to regulate your thyroid
Additional tools to enhance the use of Reiki
  How to remove trauma and energy block in ourselves and others.
  Administer Reiki before and after surgery to reduce tension and pain, and support the healing process
  How to treat injuries with Reiki on yourself and on others
  Understand how to use Reiki to heal any condition--physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
Understanding and hands on experience
  Full grasp of the meaning of Rei and Ki and what Reiki is in relationship to Divine Intelligence and Quantum physics.
  Understand the power of invocation and intention.
  Learn how to connect to the energy of Reiki through the Reji-Ho Meditation
  Channel Reiki energy into yourself and sense the energy as it flows through your hands.
  Experience the Reiki energy measure the effects of Reiki on food
  Energize your foods with Reiki for greater health and vitality
  Be able transmute toxin in water and charge water
The Three Pillars of Reiki & self-healing tools for every day use
  Practice the Aura cleanse to get rid of negative energy stuck in your etheric body
  Use a power breath in combination with Reiki to cleanse, purify and recharge your body.
  Experience two grounding meditation to learn to be present and connected to the earth and your inner self.
  Use a powerful method to shield and transmute psychic attacks in yourself.
  Use on of the second pillar of Reiki to give your body an energy boost and energize your Tantien
  Appreciate how attitudes can the mind our emotions, and the physical body.
  Learn about the 7 main Chakras, where they are located, what they correspond with, what causes imbalances.
Reiki to enhance your spiritual practice and raise your vibration
  Meet your Reiki guide who will assist you in your future Reiki practice and your personal growth.
  Practice Gasho meditation to transmute anger and rage in yourself and experience peace
  Enjoy meditation techniques to empower yourself and experience peace and harmony.
  Review the 21 days process and what to except from a regular Reiki practice
Basics of Reiki
  Learn the history of Reiki and how it was brought to use
  Review your Reiki lineage
  Explain Reiki to someone who is unfamiliar with the system
  Understand the Nature and effect of Reiki as well as the Benefits of Reiki
  Review the 11 rules of a human being
  Know the Five Principles of Reiki and how to apply the principles in your daily lives.
  In a safe a sacred space your will enjoy a deep spiritual experience as you meet your Spirit guide (or Guardian Angel) and receive guidance, healing and wisdom during the four attunements of Reiki 1. Through each attunement you are guided into a enlightening meditation.
  Receive all four attunements of Reiki level one
  LMTs earn 7 CEUs for this class
  A comprehensive manual with detailed instruction of all that you will learn in class.
  A beautiful Reiki 1 certificate of achievement ready for framing
  Ongoing complimentary support. After the class your teacher is available via email or phone to support you on your continuing development as a Reiki healer. Your communication is always confidential and you have peace of mind of knowing that you have a knowledgeable and experienced teacher to turn to for help.
  Prepaid $100 or $125 at the door.
  Review class with no attunements: $75 prepaid or $80 at the door (FOR IEMI GRADUATES ONLY)


From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a 30 minutes lunch break.
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