Reiki for Healing & Spiritual Awakening

by Chantal Guillou-Brennan —Reiki Practitioner and Teacher at the service of Reiki

Unlike letters in our alphabet the Kanji for Rei and Ki are ideograms with multidimensional meaning that spans from the mundane to the esoteric. The commonly accepted meaning for Rei is Universal and the meaning for Ki is life force energy. Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is an method of healing, finding its roots thousand of years ago in Tibet, India, China and more recently in Japan and Hawaii. Reiki was originally a spiritual practice, it became a healing practice with the influence of Mrs. Takata who brought the methodology from Japan to Hawaii.

The essence of Reiki and what it is not
From the beginning Reiki was said to be an “intelligent energy.” What is the intelligence and how can it guide energy? To elucidate this we need to look deeper into the meaning of Rei and Ki. The essence of Rei is that of non-energy. It is what the ancient called Wuji and what physicists call the Unifying Field or the stuff — or more accurately the non-stuff—that holds creation together. In reality it is that, which defines a pattern of electron and proton… as a galaxy or your liver!

That non-stuff is known to be the space between the tiny quantum particles that make up what we “think to be matter”, and that we are told, by physicists, accounts for 99.99% or everything!

Therefore, the deeper meaning of Rei is what holds the matter, the creation together. Rei is the Universal Spiritual Consciousness, or Spiritually Guided Consciousness. It permeates our universe and everyone/everything within it. Ki on the other hand, is the identifiable particle of energy that forms what we know to be matter. When looking at an atom we find the same building blocks (electron, proton, neutron) in everything that exists. That Ki has many names from Chi to Ti or Prana.

In our Reiki 1 training we explain how this is possible and why we perceive reality the way we do. It is thus the very nature of Reiki, which makes it a spiritual practice as well as a healing methodology.

Differences between Reiki classes
For centuries the knowledge of Reiki was secretly guarded and transmitted orally from teacher to student. As such, much was distorted, some information was added or lost or transformed to give us today the wide range of Reiki training programs available online and in-person.

One of the most striking differences encountered is the purpose and number of the attunement received and the recommended practice after Reiki 1. Some of this is explained below but you may want to read: Why not all Reiki classes are created equal.

When Mrs. Takata brought Reiki to the west, she forbade her students to take notes and did not give manuals. This accounts for much distortion and omission from one generation to the next.
In some lineage, the spiritual practices were stripped away to turn Reiki into an acceptable methodology. The result is that the effect of Reiki is seen to be the result of the placebo effect. But what is the placebo effect, if not faith; and what is faith if not a state of consciousness. To learn about the nature of consciousness see the Mastery of Awareness program. If you want to learn Reiki it is then important to assess if your class will include both the spiritual practices and the methodology. Be sure to review the class description or request one from your teacher. See our curriculum for Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Mastership.

Origins of Reiki
Reiki was developed by Sensei Mikao Usui who was born on August 15, 1865 in the village of 'Taniai-mura' in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture Kyoto. During his life Miako Usui held many different professions such as public servant, office worker, industrialist, reporter, politician's secretary, missionary, supervisor of convicts. He also worked as a private secretary to a politician Shimpei Goto, who was Secretary of the Railroad, Postmaster General and Secretary of the Interior and State. At some point in his life he became a Tendai Buddhist Monk/Priest.

Many theories exists as to the origin of Reiki. Some seemed to be made up out of fear like the notion that Mikao Usui was a Christian who had been inspired by Jesus. Dr Usui was undoubtedly a Buddhist yet his travel to the United State and Europe may have indeed revealed to him the parallel between the healing of Buddha and Jesus. Yet, the very nature of Reiki does not exclude one from the other. In fact Reiki can be integrated with any belief system; or none at all, as it can even be understood to fit within the quantum mechanic paradigm. And although the history of Reiki may be a fascinating endeavor for a scholar it may not add to the understanding of this practice, which existed before Mikao Usui rediscovered it.

Thus, Reiki is not associated with any religious beliefs and all religions are honored in the practice of Reiki. For detailed information on how Reiki was brought to us and spread in the US, I recommend Reiki, The legacy of Dr Mikao Usui by Frank Arjava Petter.

The uniqueness of Reiki stems from its name and its methodology
It is primordial to remember that when invoking Rei-Ki we invoke Source/God itself or this power greater than ourselves, which has many names. Hence the importance of the power of invocation known as the first pillar of Reiki, (which has nothing to do with the Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki.) In our Reiki 1 class you will, with specific exercises, understand the power of invocation and intention and how it can be applied in your life and Reiki practice. Unlike other modality Reiki energy is channeled (brought) into the practitioner from “Source/God/the Universe, or whatever name you give to this power greater than yourself, through the Crown Chakra into the heart center and out the hands. The treatment starts at the top of the head and continues to the feet; this explains the dual benefit of Reiki (see below.)

All other modality channel Ki from the feet or the environment. The most common method is to channel the much heavier telluric energy of the earth, which is brought up from the feet to the Tantien then to the hands. Because the Tantien is the sit of your personal vitality, this process requires from the practitioner a diligent practice to replenish the vital life force stored in the Tantien (second Chakra).

Qi Gong Masters adopt a daily routine to cultivate the Ki so they can then direct that life force energy to heal or to break bricks! Failing to do so result in the depletion of vitality in the practitioner and possibly serious health issues. Pranic Healing uses the breath to gather Ki /Chi energy from the “air” (Prana). This much lighter frequency than the telluric energy is also channeled through the upper chakras; avoiding possible triggers as the energy travels through the lower chakras.

After your training, the Reiki energy will flow from Source through your Crown Chakra and into your hands. From there the Reiki energy flows naturally and effortlessly into the body of the person being treated. The energy is used to normalize body functions. It helps to reestablish balance and harmony in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies so that the natural function of the physical body is restored.

Reiki differs from other healing methods in that a specific attunement process is used to prepare students for the flow of healing energy.

The purpose of attunements
Reiki energy is the energy of Source. The infinite range of vibrational energies always matches the receiver for its highest good. During the attunements the energy is transmitted through the crown chakra and sealed in the hands. Each chakra is cleansed and balanced and the Crown chakra is opened a little more with each level.

The attunements of Reiki 1 introduce the aspiring practitioner to this unique vibrational frequency; but it is through dedicated practice, on oneself, for 21 days, that the student becomes "attuned" to the frequency of Reiki, which he/she will be able to use for Reiki treatments on self and on others. With practice the bandwidth widens and more energy flows through the aspiring Reiki Master.

The attunements are not a magic wand ceremony: they first clear and align the student chakra then they open the crown chakra to channel the energy of Reiki and introduce the student to the Reiki vibration. It is up to the student to nurture this frequency.

Several symbols representing the Reiki energy are placed in the aura of the person during the attunements. If, after the first class, the student is in conflict with the Reiki teaching or neglects to practice for 21 days on him/herself, then the frequency does not permeate his being and the symbols dissipate form the aura. For this reason, I have met people who sadly were not advised to have the 21 day practice (that Dr Mikao Usui practice on himself during his retreat to mount Kori-yama); and who tell me that Reiki doesn't work or that they feel nothing. A “booster” attunement and regular practice can remedy this problem.

During each attunement, (four in Reiki 1, two in Reiki 2 and one in Reiki 3), the student goes in a guided meditation to either release what no longer serves him/her or to receive guidance from Source or the guide meet in the first attunement of Reiki 1.

This “guide” is the antenna to Source and the Soul. It will provide personal direction and guidance during treatment. The following of this guidance and building of partnership is understood and practiced with the self-healing methodology taught in Reiki 1.

With the help of attunements and a dedicated personal practice, the Reiki student becomes attuned to the frequency of the Reiki energy and is able to channel it as needed. This universal life force energy is invoked and transmitted through the hands of the practitioner, without any loss of personal energy. As a matter of fact, this is the main difference between Reiki and other modalities–where the practitioner has not adopted a rigorous practice to generate and regenerate the KI/Qi/energy in their body (as in the practice of Qi Gong)

As a channel of Source Energy the practitioner never tires and may even be energized when giving a Reiki treatment He is also protected at all times and never depleted.

This point is crucial in the understanding of energy healing. Energy always flows from a high frequency to a lower. In her book the intention experiment Lynn Mc Taggart describes an experiment in which healing energy promoted the growth of a single cell organism held in a Petri dish. However, when healers were monitored individually, these creatures either stopped growing or even died when the healers felt depressed or depleted by an ailment!

When attending the four year energy medicine program at the Institute of Healing Art and Science, I noticed that my classmates were tired after giving treatments because they did not have a personal self healing practice and because the energy was brought through the Tantien and they gave their own energy with the practice.

With Reiki the energy is channeled from Source/Divine Consciousness/Unifying field, through the Crown chakra and is never depleted. This energy is pure potential; unlike the telluric energy channeled from the earth, which is already part of the consensus reality. This telluric energy, naturally channeled through the feet, is stored in the second chakra for that person. It is used as needed and needs to be replenished.
Reiki Source Energy is pure in all its form: potentiality, range of frequency, and limitless. It helps reset the person to the vibration of their soul at one with Source.
This is why Reiki 1 is the most important level of all and we made it the foundation class of the Energy Medicine Program.

Because the will of the practitioner is secondary to the practice of Reiki, In reiki 2 you learn to “channel” unique healing for the receiver following your own intuition and the guidance that you receive from Source or your Reiki guide is a versatile modality which can be used in conjunction with, and to enhance, any other method of healing.

What happens when an energy medicine practitioner is not healthy?
If they are Reiki practitioners then the energy of Source come through their body and will replenish them and then flow to the client. The client cannot be hurt because the energy flows still through them but depending of how much the practitioner needs and how long the treatment is the client may not receive as much as was possible.

If your practitioner is not practicing reiki they are using their will. In this case not only will the energy you receive be tinted by the frequency of their challenge but thy will use their will with good intention that will deplete them further and place their health in jeopardy.

What to expect from the I.E.M.I. Reiki classes

There are two distinct ideology when it come to the practice of Reiki. Both work very well and each will appeal to different personality. Mrs. Takata’s style relies heavily on memorizing a specific protocol and working with standard procedures that remains the same for each client. Remember that originally Reiki was a spiritual practice, but it is Mrs Takata who transformed it to become a system of healing. She taught specific healing such as the positions for eyes treatment.

Dr. Usui’s style used a more intuitive approach. The hand positions are taught but are not necessarily all included in a treatment. Dr Usui emphasis was to teach his students to develop their intuition, to connect with source with the Reiji-Ho to find guidance for the "right" hand placements. This method results in a unique treatment for each client.

He also taught the Byosen/scanning of the body and how to sensitize the hands. the Gassho meditation to clear one self of negative emotions, the Kenyoku or dry bathing, the Koki-ho which uses the breath to heal, the Gyoshi-ho to send Reiki with the eyes, plus methods for clearing negative energy from objects and for sending distant healing. 
All of the above are taught in our Reiki classes.

The I.E.M.I. offers the best of both worlds. Our Reiki program includes the standard protocol favored by Mrs. Takata as well as her specialty healings, plus all of Dr Usui's method of healing and protections, while teaching the student to work synergistically and in partnership with the Source of the Spiritually Guided Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki).

Our style validates and encourages the development of second sight and intuition. And offers the aspiring Reiki Master the tools to remain healthy and grow with experience.

When attuned by Chantal you will be a 10th generation including Dr Mikao Usui! A very short lineage in which the ancient Tibetan teaching were preserved and will be passed on to you. See what her students say about that teacher.

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL: I highly recommend receiving Reiki training from Chantal. She is wonderful teacher who is loving, gracious, kind and knowledgeable. She provides her students with detailed coursework materials to study from and many opportunities to practice this spiritual work. She embodies Reiki and is truly a master in every sense of the word. I will also add that I was completely transformed by learning Reiki. My extrasensory perception is significantly enhanced and I have been awakened to the spiritual world in new and amazing ways. You've heard the commercials from advertisers that promise that you'll amaze your friends by the changes that will happen to you when you use their product or take their course? Well that exactly describes what has happened to me. My life is full of joy and appears to be guided by the angelic realm. I was just introduced to the work of Doreen Virtue and found myself nodding in agreement while reading all her descriptions of how angels communicate with us, because this is how I now experience life. This is not to say that I no longer encounter difficulties; however, the sense of awe from the happenings and gifts received each day has been unending since taking Reiki I and Reiki II and regularly following the practice. I very much look forward to taking the Reiki III class with Chantal. — Maria B. from Bethany, CT.

Reiki is taught in levels, referred also as degrees. Reiki 1 is the level to heal your self and al the tools from al three levels have been pulled into this one to help you in your life and on your path. May student o not want to become healers but will take this class to raise their vibration and become aligned with their soul’s purpose.

Reiki 2 is the level to develop your intuition, High Sensory Perception through a nurtured partnership with Source/Reiki guide to channel healings and to be able to do Reiki remotely.

Reiki Mastership level 3 offers a complete manual of specialty healings for many different ailments. It focuses on developing a Reiki practice and interacting with client. (View classes descriptions and prerequisite for each.)

Reiki Teacher Training is a separate class in which you learn to give the attunements, learn to teach each class and practice this teaching. Teaching requires unique skills and a desire to teach and continually learn. It also requires much practice to understand what Reiki has to offer. Both are a prerequisite to this program.

The dual benefit of Reiki
Because of the nature of Reiki, as a spiritually guided life force energy, the most significant benefit is that your vision of yourself and creation will be changed forever. As you become attuned to the high vibration of Source and begin to release blocks you also become attuned to the frequency of your soul and aware of the guidance of your Soul (which is at one with Source). Life begins to unfold as you are now in alignment with your purpose and the aspirations of your soul.

The direct benefits of practicing Reiki on yourself and others:
• Promotes natural self-healing
• Balances the energies in the body
• Balances the organs and glands
• Strengthens the immune system
• Treats symptoms and causes of illness
• Relieves pain
• Clears toxins
• Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver
• Enhances personal awareness
• Relaxes and reduces stress
• Promotes creativity
• Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
• Aids meditation and positive thinking
• Heals holistically

The secondary benefits of practicing Reiki on yourself and others:
• Release of Karmic wounds and patterns of thoughts
• Opening of heart and heightened compassion
• Coherence of heart and mind & greater clarity of purpose
• Increase in serendipity and synchronicity
• Heightened awareness or divine providence
• Selfless success
• Vibrational transformation and desire to be of service to humanity
• Selfless love and gratitude toward all life
• Reconnection to one’s Soul and send of purpose
• Enjoyment toward daily life
• Atonement with Divine Mind/Rei and the field of pure potentiality
• Peaceful appreciation of daily life
• Feeling of connectedness and ones with all

Read about the Power of Reiki.

Shamanic Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Lemurian Reiki, Atlantian Reiki...
Because Reiki does not require analysis of overt symptoms as would Pranic Healing or Jin Shin Jyutsu, for example, and because Reiki flows independently of the will of the practitioner, Reiki can be combine with any other modality.

However we do not teach “specialty” Reiki before Reiki 2 because the level of Reiki 2 is to develop the intuition and High Sensory Perception that will reveal to the student their unique skills, interests, and purpose. If you were to learn a hybrid Reiki from the start and this was not a match to what you are meant to focus on or not in alignment with your skills and talent you would essential be derailed from your path. As such we keep the Reiki teaching pure.

What is Lightarian Reiki
Lightarian Reiki claims to amplify the range of frequency that you can channel as a Reiki Practitioner. It is said that the channeled Reiki is of a higher vibrational and that you may raise your personal vibration as you step through the various levels of the program.

When a Reiki practitioner uses the Reiji-Ho to connect to Source Energy, and allows the energy or Reiki to flow through them for the highest good of the receiver, then the frequency of Reiki is the highest vibration for that receiver. The practitioner cannot be depleted because they do not use their will and the energy that flows through their hands is purely coming from the Universe/Source and is unaltered by their own energy.
When the practitioner wills the energy of Reiki to be the highest they can possibly give, or deliver a special frequency limited by their training or desire to use a specific color or frequency, then the treatment is limited by what they believe they can deliver. In addition, when they use their will, they may also use their own energy and become depleted. Lightarian Reiki claims to be a higher vibration than other forms of Reiki that have sprouted as a result of Reiki being transmitted orally after Mrs. Takata and the belief that Reiki needed to remain secret and only shared with “initiates.”
Lightarian Reiki never explains the methodology used to measure the different forms of Reiki listed below. Are these numbers representing the alleged frequency of each type of Reiki, channeled information? What device was used to measure the Reiki practitioners? How many practitioners where tested for each form of Reiki? Is the frequency listed an average for each type of Reiki?
The ideology presented in Lightarian Reiki places the energy of Reiki as being a "band or frequency" thus changing the nature of Rei and Ki as we understand it on the quantum level. Rather than an energy coming directly from the infinite universal field of all potentiality and infinite range of frequencies, it defines reiki as a special (yet undefined) frequency of energy. This perspective literally strips Reiki of the power of Rei!
To learn the true meaning or Reiki and to become a channel of the infinite spectrum of ReiKi, take IEMI Reiki 1. Where it is each level that oepen your Crown Chakra to channel more energy directly from Source, not a special attunement! .

The following information has not been verified by the IEMI and is presented for your consideration.
I was attuned to the "level 6" and although the experience was enjoyable, I would not qualify it as transformational as was my initial attunements to Usui Reiki at each and any level. Students and clients testimonials from my students attest to the transformational effects of the original and simple Reiki Usui methodology.

Per the Lightarian Institute: Lightarian Reiki is available to Karuna Reiki Master and Usui Masters who have received the "Buddhic Boost".
Each initiation will increase the available range of healing energy as such:

Bands of Energy Level of Reiki Alleged Frequency
1 Reiki Usui 5.80
2 Reiki Karuna 6.20
2 Reiki Usui + Buddhic Boost 6.20
3 Lightarian Reiki Level 1 and 2 6.85
4 Lightarian Reiki level 3 7.35
5 Lightarian 4 8.25
6 Lightarian 5 and 6 9.09

And if you still feel inadequate: Once attuned to the energy of LIGHTARIAN™ REIKI V et VI it is possible to access the ninth band of density associated with the Ascended Masters... and more. Special attunements are available each year all presented as "an available frequency of the Reiki energy".


Food for thoughts
There isn't one modality better than another. All systems of healing are based on the observation of the human body and the human and universal energy fields. Therefore, shouldn't they all make sense and have much information correlating to each other than differences.

Our major dilemma concerning the future and acceptance of energy medicine is that each modality uses a different vocabulary so they appear remove form each other. Each presents their point of view as a complete system when in reality they are facet of a larger body of knowledge. Each attempts to defend their point of view by keeping the methodology hermetic to the whole.

When Reiki was a secret it was feared and mistrusted. Now that the "secrets"; of Reiki are out in the open, Reiki is offered as a complementary treatment in the majority of hospitals and health care facilities throughout the world.

Transparency regarding the various methodologies available today can help us understand the multidimensional aspect of human beings and helps us live in harmony with each other, our world, and with ourselves.

It is the Integrative Energy Medicine mission to integrate the various body of knowledge into a complete system that encompasses the individual on all levels and fabric of reality itself.

Complementing the Energy Medicine program is IEMI Mastery of Awareness™ program that teaches about the nature of consciousness and applies ancient knowledge and modern understanding to expand personal awareness into the multidimensional aspects of existence.


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