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Meet your Higher Self. Experience Past Life Regression, Life between Lives with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. With QHHT youare your own psychic as your Higher Self answers your questions and perform physical and emotional healing...

Quote from Your Soul's Plan:
"To the soul suffering is a natural consequence of judgment. When we awaken and recall that we are immortal souls who cannot be harmed, we release our judgment of life challenges. In their place we embrace a neutrality that reduces suffering and magnifies joy."
— Robert Schwartz

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Access Higher Wisdom, intuitive art class to develop your High Sensory Perception, Built a relationship with your Higher Self and Source/God/Spirit by using art as a process to develop your psychic skills. Learn the vocabulary that your Higher Self uses to communicate with you. This vocabulary is unique to you.

I.E.M.I ©2008-2017

Four Gateway Mentorship Program

Presented by the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
Mentor: Chantal Guillou-Brennan

The Four Gateway Mentorship Program includes four levels (or Gateways) to unlock your Divine Potential.
This program is about taking back your power of co-creator, healer and teacher. 
It focuses on healing the multidimensional aspect of your being, and it enhances your relationship to your Higher Self and the spiritual realm.
I am here to reveal your light, your purpose and guide you to fulfill it.
The length of this program varies with each individual because most of the work is done one-on-one, with some group interaction when appropriate.
You are encouraged, guided, supported, yet you are always in charge because you are the one doing the work and this is about your empowerment to be what you chose to be before you came in this life.
It takes tremendous courage and character to give up the authoritative and external approach to procuring “the fix”. Instead it is your dedication to self-awareness, your courageous openness, and responsible readiness, which kindles the real work of inner awareness and awakens the healing power which is uniquely yours!

Gateway One focus exclusively on your personal growth and healing
•    Through a body/mind/spirit/approach, you will learn to heal yourself and most of all know yourself.
•    As you learn about the multidimensional aspect of your Being, you bring balance and harmony to your Self.
•    Identify your personality’s strength and talent
•    Identify Soul’s strength and talent and how to express them in your life
•    Through the use of Shamanic and Yogic practices as well as the use of modern technology,
     you acquire valuable insight into your Soul’s journey though time and space.
•    Learn how to access “other worlds,” also known as non-ordinary reality for personal growth,
     problem solving and spiritual guidance. Using reliable and safe methods, you will enter into
     an altered state of consciousness for connecting into spiritual dimension.
•    Clearing unwanted energy blocks within you physical, emotional, mental and Karmic bodies
     you become a clear channel for Divine Love and Light and embody the Creative healing
     and loving traits of your Divine essence—your true self.
•    You will be guided through the necessary steps to shake off limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.
•    You will explore and expand your knowledge base for practical applications
     and solutions, but also to help you change your perception of reality by looking at life in a more profound way.

Gateway Two aims at developing your intuition and your connection to Source while you learn how to transform your own personal lives, and also learn how to assist others in transforming theirs.
•    Through the use of ritual and sacred ceremonies, you develop your relationship,
     language and means of communication with your spiritual guides and with Source.
•    Using a variety of tools, you will learn to tap into the wisdom of your Subconscious and Superconscious mind.
•    Study of the wisdom practices of diverse healing, shamanic, and spiritual traditions
•    You will be encouraged to release old contract(s) made in this life or past lives
     to free you from the shackles of fear and confusion instilled in you long ago.
•    Working from the inside out you will gain the confidence, determination and
     resources you need for a viable and sustainable spiritual lifestyle. 
•    Learn to connect with your Higher-self on a soul level, so you can easily and effectively move forward in life with much more confidence.
•    Incubation protocol for seeding your spiritual dreaming. Here we devise strategies for to use the dream state
     as mean to expand your reality and acquire original and specific knowledge and wisdom from your spiritual guides.
•    Through expanded awareness, remember and tap into the language of your true self,
     to find the key to healing and self-realization.
•    Learn to trust your own style of communicating with the spiritual realms,
     we all have a unique way of seeing and getting information, the key is in the practice.
•    Learn advanced practices of healing yourself and others.

Gateway Three focuses on your role as a teacher and healer in relationship to your clients, your family, community and the whole of creation.
•    Significant relationships: We welcome your significant others to participate one session
     with the aim of keeping your relationship strong and spiritually charged.
•    Awakenings your creative potential: With the use of Art (visual art, music, rhythms and body movement)
     you learn to access your inner wisdom as a result you will become aware of your role
     in your family, community and the whole of creation.
•    Through the use of Individual Constellation you clear away patterns
     that are keeping you from fulfilling your purpose.
     These energetic patterns may have their roots in you family system or soul group.
•    As you learn to let go of your adherence to identity and separation,
     you become at one with the true essence of healing.
•    You will learn to bypass the personality and the acquired knowledge,
     to channel healing and wisdom form the Source Field or Akashi Field.  
•    Learn practices to generate and replenish your Life Force Energy

Gateway Four guides each participant into the establishment of a business or presence in their community.
•    Assess desires and compare with the true aspirations of your Soul.
•    Establish appropriate, and honorable, practitioner/client boundaries (including ethics guidelines,
     rules of conduct, boundaries regarding appropriate therapeutic relationships, etc.)
•    How to set sacred space in any environment while respecting your client belief system.
•    Recognize the need to- and how to –clear your space from unwanted energy/entities
•    Become aware of boundaries breech and how to ethically manage the maze
     of boundaries, mores and ethnic and nationalistic beliefs.
•    How to create, and use, the appropriate “paperwork”: including Intake Forms, Informed Consent Release Forms…
•    How and when to seek advice or referrals from others therapists and practitioners.
•    Formulate an attainable and sustainable plan to reach you goal.
•    Explore marketing options and build a strategy.
•    Learn the basics of Networking
•    How to use the Internet, and social media to promote your services
•    How to use internet service to pay for your website and advertising expenses.
•    How to produce marketing/advertising to build your healing practice.
•    When to seek advance training and where to look.

How to successfully pass though the four Gateways
•    Authentic spiritual guidance requires dedicated devotion and persistence through the hurdles
     that life may throw at you during this process.
     You will be tested but if you were not ready you would not be reading this today.
     So trust the process and persevere.
•    As you remain in an adventurous and reverent attunement to your own inner listening
     you will witness your desires and aspirations unfold in your daily life.
     This is not just a saying I have experienced it again and again. And if I can do it you can too.
•    The result is the development of an inner knowing toward your Soul’s true purpose
     which guides you and propels you into your everyday life, bringing what some
     have called serendipity or even miracles into your reality as you effortlessly let you path unfold.
•    In essence this program coaches through you self healing – because all healing is self healing –
     but most of all it will teach you to trust the Divine within, recognize the still small voice,
     the guide, and you will acquire discernment in the process.
•    You decide when the program is over for you or not, because you are the master of your destiny.
     There is no failure or success. There is only a path and you follow it at your own rhythm.
     For some it take months, for others many life times. But what is time!
•    Remember that although you will interact with many teachers (though your reading, class room setting,
     or one on one healing) we are all one, we are all equal. If we are incarnated on this plane,
     it is because we have something to learn and something to accomplish.
     You are a unique and valuable part of the whole/ONE and I am here to help you discover who you truly are.

A message from your guide – Chantal Guillou-Brennan, IEM, CHT, CQHHT
The Four Gateway mentoring program can be as rewarding as you want it to be because it requires some commitment on your part to do some homework in between sessions (including some journaling). Meditation, dream work, journeying and concrete exercises or rituals.
The main thing required on your part is an open and willing attitude to work on yourself, be heard and held with love and compassion, to receive insights and guidance while being constantly empowered on your own journey.

Drawing upon indigenous wisdom, spiritual traditions and teachings, and combining them with modern technology and research (on energy medicine, the biology of belief, quantum physics, energy/matter and consciousness studies,) I create a safe and sacred container for you to deepen your self-exploration and personal transformation.
I, therefore, will be honored to serve as your personal guide.

It is important to note that although my role may entail some counseling, it is not one of a therapist. It cannot be a substitute for, conventional medical or psychological services.
My commitment to you is to be a loving spiritual companion, a witness and, when needed, facilitator on your journey. I will always respect and support your independence and, even more important, your own inner power. I also always fully respect the specificity of each person’s path and beliefs.

“Out there beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.”~ Rumi


The structure of the Four Gateway Program
Going though the Four Gateways takes between 16 and 24 month to complete.
Each session is one-hour long and can be in person or at distance (by phone or Skype.) Sessions can occur on a bi-weekly, weekly or bi-monthly, monthly basis (we will decide this on our first session and will re-adjust as we go).
During the course the Four Gateway program you will also have four, four- to five-hour long session for deep work (one per Gateway.)
A commitment for a minimum of five consecutive sessions is required, although more sessions are necessary to actually see things evolving or to complete the Four Gateway Program.
I also ask for commitment to regularity; this is essential for the work and a condition to see powerful results in a short period of time. At first it is suggested to met at least weekly then as the work progress and you are able to do more on your own we can meet at least monthly.
Some mentors (or coaches) like their clients to continue with them for months if not years, and you may choose to, but I believe that this must remain your choice.
So I tailor each Gateway to your personal needs as you commit to another five session.

Who may be interested in the Four Gateway Program
•    You may already have a strong spiritual connection to Source,
     but you need help when it comes to the practical side of starting up or running your healing practice.
•    Want to learn or deepen your Reiki, Shamanic, Energy Medicine skill or develop your intuition
     and ability to receive wisdom and channel healings from your Higher Self guides and Source.
•    You struggle with attracting abundance, health, and prosperity into your own life in relation to your spiritual practice.
•    You desire someone to just bounce ideas around with.
•    You have concerns or issues with therapist/client relationships.
•    You are confused about boundaries and wonder about ethical issues.
•    Need help getting your healing practice to thrive.

Cost of the Mentorship Program
•    Five Session Program: 4 one-hour session and 1 four- to five- hour session-- $500*
•    Ten Session Program: 8 one-hour session and 2 four- to five- hour session-- $900*
To be repeated as need to complete the program at your own rhythm.
You can make a payment via PayPal (on the Home Page) or email me to pay with a personal check, credit card or cash.

The Process
•     Initial 30-minute interview via phone, Skype, or in person.
     There is no cost or obligation for this interview.
     Its purpose is to determine whether the mentorship program is right for you.
•    If accepted into the program, an appointment will be made for your first session
     the fee for the five or ten session program is due on that day.  
•    In addition to the one-on-one sessions by phone, Skype, or in person.
•    Client will keep a journal of his or her process.
•    Client will have homework assigned following each session.
•    Client will submit an entry to Chantal via email
•    Chantal will respond to entry within 48 hours.