Meet your Higher Self. Experience Past Life Regression, Life between Lives with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. With QHHT youare your own psychic as your Higher Self answers your questions and perform physical and emotional healing...

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The Integrative Energy Medicine Institute™

The Integrative Energy Medicine Institute™ (I.E.M.I.™) is dedicated to the research and application of therapeutic method of healing using energy medicine, mind over matter principles and multi-dimensional aspect of reality.

Our mission is to invite seekers, esplorers of knowledge and teachers to share their knowledge and experience in the field of energy medicine, alternative and complementary health, consciousness and the nature of reality, as well as green, sustainable living, and altenative energy source for conscious living.

Our Contribution: We offer a wide variety of resources in the form of articles, video and a free books library, to help our visitors expand their awareness of what is available to live a healthy, loving and joyous life with honor and respect for all that is.

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To submit your article or video please send us an email with the subject of the article or the link if it was already published. We will of course link the article back to your website with a shot bio. As a contributor you may choose to have a Bio page on our site to inform the public of your perspectice in health and healing, to share your reearch and experience in the field of consciousness and multidimensional reality. Your page can link back to your site to increase visitors.

We offer Playshop, Intensive Training and Workshops. Classes are held in the United States as well as Hawaii, Florida and Europe.
The IEM Institute has several program of study that can be explored on this website. Many classes are taught by founder Chantal Guillou-Brennan. Our two main programs are the Integrative Energy Medicine Program and the Mastery of Awareness™ program.

Practitioner Network: The Integrative Energy Medicine Institute offers practitioners the opprotunity to share their experience and knowledge through our Practitioner Network. There is no fee to join the network. The network provides support to it's members as well as a platform to research and share their experience and knowledge with piers. The goal of the Practitioner Network is to combine the many perspectives of healing the human body into a cohesive and harmonious system; studying each approach and integrating in such system.

Experience Integrative Energy Medicine, Hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™
The Integrative Energy Medicine Institute™ was founded by Chantal Guillou- Brennan CHT, QHHT, IEMP .
In addition to teaching energy medicine and Mastery of Awareness™ classes, Chantal is available for Medical Hypnosis and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ and Integrative Energy Medicine™ treatment session.
Please view her profile page. For more information call 203-980-4103 or 808-747-4536 or email her.

The IEM Institute offers training and PlayShops in Integrative Energy Medicine which includes:
Usui Reiki & Lightarian Reiki certifications, Crystal Reiki and Shamanc Reiki, and Advance Energy MedicineTraining.
• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Basic Level (self help) and Advanced Levels (professional)
Mastery of Awareness in Shamanic and Intuitive Study
• Nine rites of the Munay Ki: Receive the rites and learn to give them.
• Hands on Energy Medicine for Practitioner: Learn about life energy and how to channel it to heal.
• Self Help using Acupressure and Mudras for health and Wellness.
• Meditation practice for spiritual freedom and clarity

Retreat and intensive
Healing Retreat and intensive and offers throughout the year.
• Change Your Vibration Change Your Life Intensive is a full day PlayShop with individual and group work to help devise your personal life program, aligning your vibration with that of your soul. As such you become a match to the aspirations of your soul and live a more fulfilled life, therefore a more joyful and rewarding life.

7-, 9- or 14-day Hawai Retreat include exploration of self and of the beautiful (Big) Island of Hawaii.
In this prestine setting you are bound to discover your power and re-ignite in yourself an exuberant Joie-de-vivre.
Massage, Energy Healing, Qi Gong, Yoga, Lemurian Reiki (done in a warm natural pool), Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy are the tools use to clear all that does not serve you. Madame Pepe and the Spirit of Aloha do the rest!

PlayShops offered through our Meetup group: Conscious Living for Spritual & Personal Growth
• Qi Gong on the beach practice for health and wellness
• Drumming Circle for relaxation with djembe and hoop drums on the second Friday of each month with guided jouney to expand your consciousness
• Drumming and Shamanic Circle with Native American drums is a study practice of shamanic technique of healing and exploration of the multiverse.
• Make your own native american drum Playshop.
* Self Healing Study Group where a new modality is used to help each individual present.
• Group Past life regression and Jump into the future.
• Introduction to hypnosis and QHHT™ (Learn about Medical Hypnosis and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ )
• Access Inner Wisdom intuitive art expression playshop

CLICK HERE to listen to Chantal's recent interview explaining
what to expect from a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ session
and more on Integrative Energy Medicine.


What is Integrative Energy Medicine™

Integrative Energy Medicine™ is a holistic and synergistic approach to energy work addressing body/mind/spirit. It relies on multiple methodologies based on the Chakra and Meridian system as well as well as High Sensory Perception to read the Human and Universal Energy Fields. The IEM Insttute offers training certifications in Integrative Energy Medicine, Reiki Mastership, EFT, Shamanism, and Mastery of Awareness.

Our Philosophy is based on the premise that all modalities study the human body and it's interaction with its immediate environment and the whole. Nevertheless each modality will use different vocabulary to convey their understanding. The institute thrives to correlate all these perspectives into a coherent body of knowledge presented in the Integrative Energy Medicine 3 year program which include 150 hour mendatory practice.
In this program Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is taught in its orginal form. In conjunction with this program, the student is advised to pursue the Mastery of Awareness to develop his/her High Sensory Perception and psychi skills.

The Human Energy Field and the Universal Energy Field (HEF, UEF)
Quantum physics states that energy and matter are interchangeable and the String Theory suggests that differences in physical matter are simply variations in energy vibrations. We know that all is energy: our body is made of cellswhich are mde of atoms, themselves made of electron, proton, neutron. At he quantum level the space between particle is so vast that we are told that 99/99% of everyting is non-energy.: No-thing! The ancient know about this they call this non energy Wuji or Rei (in Rei-Ki).We propose that, thisnon energy is what binds all of creation with the greatest forcefof all -- love. It is divine consciousness and intelligence which will define a bundle of particles to be a galaxie or a liver, a flower or a human.

Humans are multi-dimensional beings. Our soul expresses of our true self in this incarnation. Our body, surrounded by many levels/fields/"bodies" of energy and infomation, is layered like an onion, yet not as tangible since all is vibration. These levels/ fields of energy and information make up the Human Energy Field also called the virtual body or the Aura which include the more familiar mental body and emotional body (or level/field), as well as the more more subtil and etheral field known as the Akashic records field which merges with the Universal Energy Field. (Learn about these and others levels and how the recognize and work with them.)

Our physical body is comprised of vortex and channel of energy. Major vortice are called chakra or wheels of light and minor vortice and channels of energy are refer to as acupuncture/acupressure points and the meridians or nadis. The patterns of energy running through one's body is in direct relation to the pattern of energy expressed in the emotional and mental bodies and are a reflection of a person's state of mind, belief system and emotional, psychological, spiritual condition.

Our body is the sum total of all our thoughts, beliefs & emotions and constantly thrives for health and harmony, because it is designed to heal itsef, regardless of the help receive from a practitioner, we ultimately always heal ourselves. Healing occurs when the Human Energy Field is in complete harmony with the Universal Energy Field to which it belongs. This state of flow is a state of peace and unconditional Love with our Father/Mother/God or the Universal Energy Field, a state of joy and abundance.

About the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute

The Integrative Energy Medicine Institute was founded in 2008 by Chantal Guillou-Brennan


CGB swimming at K-bay with Dolphins. 6/18/2014- Big Island, Hawaii .