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Conscious Living For Spiritual and Personal Growth Meetup Group


Mastery of Awareness

Out of Body Experience
Astral travel • Time Travel


Self Help

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Herbs for Consciousness

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Meet your Higher Self. Experience Past Life Regression, Life between Lives with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. With QHHT youare your own psychic as your Higher Self answers your questions and perform physical and emotional healing...

Quote from Your Soul's Plan:
"To the soul suffering is a natural consequence of judgment. When we awaken and recall that we are immortal souls who cannot be harmed, we release our judgment of life challenges. In their place we embrace a neutrality that reduces suffering and magnifies joy."
— Robert Schwartz

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Access Higher Wisdom, intuitive art class to develop your High Sensory Perception, Built a relationship with your Higher Self and Source/God/Spirit by using art as a process to develop your psychic skills. Learn the vocabulary that your Higher Self uses to communicate with you. This vocabulary is unique to you.

I.E.M.I ©2008-2017

The Mastery of Awareness™ Program

With Certification from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute.
Each Mastery of Awreness training can be taken independently and in the order that appeals to you.
The only prerequisite for any of these is Shamanism 101.

Upon completion of this program you are elligible to take the teacher training.
Note: The word shaman, shamanism refer to the original meaning to the word from the Tungis people of Siberia meanig Seer and Healer; and do not refer to a specifc indegenous culture unless otherwise stated. As such Shamans have existed from the begining of time throughout civilzations. However, one simple applies: "Shamans" work with the same principle as all helping professionals: Do no harm.

iContact us to request one of these training in your location or ours.

This class is the prerequisite of any other training. Investment: $150 prepaid. $175 at the door.
In a safe and supportive environment, you will learn how and why enter each of Three Worlds to heal yourself and others. Using the process of Shamanic Journey powered by the rhythm of the drum and also two other techniques that do not use the drum, everyone will be able to discover their favored method to entrain their brain into the theta range of frequencies to access Divine wisdom and develop their High Sensory Perception & intuition.
Every indigenous culture honors their faith and ancestors. You will learn to set sacred space and call the direction in alignment with your own faith. Become a modern Seer/Shaman. Meet/work with your Power Animal and Spirit Allies to further explore "non ordinary reality" with the group and later be able to pursue your studies on your own and heal yourself, others. Live in harmony with physical- and spiritual-reality. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Learn to honor and respect your origin, your ancestors., Strengthen your relationship to Spirit by applying ageless wisdom to your every day life.
By the end of the class you will know your way around the three worlds and have awareness of the depth of the many realm that constitute our "Universe" in which you will have found allies to perform different explorations and acquire healing and wisdom for yourself and others. You will have practiced with exercise to help you heal yourself and receive wisdom about your true nature.
Receive a manual and certificate of achievement for Shamanism level 1 in Mastery of Awareness™ from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute plus ongoing support with our Shamanic drumming circle on the fourth Friday of each month.

• Origin of The Three Worlds
• How to honor your Ancestor and Respect Your Own Faith as a Modern Shaman
• Guideline For Shamanic Journey: Exploration of the three World
• Opening sacred space
• Setting Sacred Space & the Power of Invocation
• Three method to journey with and without drumming
• Landscape of non ordinary reality
• Working in partnership with Spirit and meeting your guides.
• Journey to the Lower World
• Journey to the Middle World - An OBE experience
• Journey to the Upper World
• Opening The Directions According to Different Traditions
• The Power of the Medicine Wheel
• Closing The Directions and Sacred Space


VIEW UPCOMING TRAINING AND REGISTER HERE • Investment: $150 prepaid. $175 at the door.
Prerequisite Shamanism 101 – The Seer /Healer's Way Foundation Training
Discover over 22 exercises and 12 methods help you develop your psychic skills, intuition, and High Sensory Perception. In a safe and scared space, practice divination, dowsing, kinesiology, reading the HEF and UEF. After entering a mild trance, induced by either the unique rhythm of a drum or a specific Yogic breath or a modern technology we use the OBE method taught in Shamanism 101 training to explore the Multiverse and "read" the field and learn "tracking" to follow the thread of information in the Human Energy Field or the Universal Energy Field and in space/time. Discover how to be a high vibrational channel to receive the clear and pure messages. Practice an adaptation of Remote Viewing and much more.

• The Truth about Reality
• Universal Energy Field and Human Energy Field
• Moving Awareness Versus Moving Energy
• Attention, Intention, Trust and Protection
• State of Awareness and Energy Bodies
• Dowsing, Divining and Muscle Testing or Kinesiology.
• Developing Your High Sensory Perception.
The Power of Imagination Versus Clairvoyance
• Imagination Versus Intuition and Clairsentience
• Art Expression and Automatic Writiting
• Divining and Remote Viewing
• Tracking or Threading in partnership with Spirit
• Methodologies to Enhance Your Psychic Gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudiance and Clairsentience

In a safe a sacred space we meet to practice the skils acquired in the Divination training. Attention to individual needs and developping skils is the focus of this class. Group intereaction and practice is the means by which you dvelop your skills and further explore the realm of Spirit and spiriits.
Learn how to interact with spirits in multidimensional reality.

Prerequisite Reiki 2 as taught by the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute, and Shamanism 101
If you took Reiki else were you will need to take a quick review test .
This advanced class is for the shaman practitioner who has an active relationship with their Spirit Allies and who wishes to add Shamanic Extraction healing to their practice. In this class you will learn the causes of spiritual intrusions, or misplaced energy, that needs to be extracted; how intrusions manifest as illnesses and imbalances; classic shamanic methods to perceive, and to safely and effectively remove them; and how to neutralize and transmute them for the health and well being of your clients.
DAY 1: DEVELOPPING SECOND SIGHT – Investment: $150 prepaid. $175 at the door.
• Tracking – The Shamanic Based Methodology to See Inside the Body
• Tracking While Doing Energy Work
• The Art of Navigating In & Out of Non Ordinary Reality with Conscious Awareness
• Journey Inside the Body
• Following Your Guide
• Perceiving Etheric Beings to Work in Partnership with Them
• Extraction and Healing Process
• Combing Shamanic methodology with Reiki and other modalities

DAY 2 MULTIDIMENSIONAL HEALING – Investment: $150 prepaid. $175 at the door.
• Worldwide usage of the Quadratic energy of Medicine Wheels
• Multidimensional energy of the Medicine Wheel
• Healing wiith the Medicine Wheel and the Five Element Theory.
• Reading the Human Energy Field in Space/Time
• Using the Power of Invocation and Ceremony
• Interpretation and Ethic
• Personal Hygiene and Health Recommendation

Prerequisite Shamanism 101 . Excellent journeying ability is a prerequisite.
Soul Retrieval and Soul Rememberance are a vital components of healing. In this two-weekend workshop you will learn how to find fragmented parts of a person's essence, return them to their Self or their Soul, and in the process bring back the Soul essence that was "lost" during the initial trauma. We will explore the aspects of the Soul, the idea of Soul and Self fragmentation and parts as well as the concept of past lives and ego states. We will address the concept of Soul Retrieval vs Soul Remembrance. You will learn four methodologies to perform Soul Retrieval and five more for Soul Rememberance. After sharpening your new skills we will explore how to fully support clients on their healing path and maintain integrity in our practice.

VIEW UPCOMING TRAINING AND REGISTER HERE– Investment: $300 prepaid. $325 at the door.
When things happen in our lives that we experience as traumatic, a portion of our Self may become estranged to survive the situation. In Hypnosis this fragmentation of the Ego calls for parts therapy. In shamanism it is called Sout Retrieval. The exploration of the multidimensial reality as lead me to combine understading of these realms to present different methodology; so you may develop your own technique, in harmoy with your previous training and abilities. Others may also be holding on to our "essence" or "soul parts" and we will learn how to bring these parts back as well. We will also look at whose soul parts or essence(s) you maybe holding on to so you can release them and any karmic ties. Prerequisite: Journey skills and a good connection with guides are needed.
• What is the Soul, Can the soul become fragmented, can the Self become Fragmented
The Shamanic concept of Soul Retrieval.
• The Aspects of the Soul and Ego States. What is returned where and how.
• Identifying trauma without re-traumatizing the client.
• Identifying the positive aspect that was lost.
• Being accountable for your word. Ethic of Soul Retrieval
• Purpose and Guideline to Perform Soul Retrieval
• The Native American Based Methodology
• The Chakra Based Methodology
• The Heart Centered Methodology
• Hypnosis Based Methodology
• Integrating the soul part(s) for long term healing.
• Creating Rituals and Ceremony to Crystralize the Healing
• Client Recommendation after a Soul Retrieval Healing

VIEW UPCOMING TRAINING AND REGISTER HERE – Investment: $300 prepaid. $325 at the door.
This curriculum is combining shamanic, meditative and hypnosis techniques which I have successfully used in my practice. The line between the hypnotic state and shamanic journey state is indeed very thin.Iit often is a matter of semantic and beleif system. In the end one thing matters: the well being of the client. In some instance the client passively awaits the practitioner to complete the process of retrieving information and perorming a healing, in other practice the client is fully engage and participating in his/her own healing. I tend to favor the latter becuase it empowers the client and gives him the chance to validate the expereince for himself.
• Working with Guides and the Higher Self
• Tracking in Space Time
• Soul Threading or Soul Remembrance for Yourself
• Soul Threading or Soul Remembrance for others
• Shamanic Remembrance Methodology
• Guided Journey Methodology
• Hypnosis Based Methodology
• How to Initiate a Daily Conversation with Your Soul
• Being accountable for your word. Ethic of Soul Rememberance
• Warnings and Recommendations
• Client Recommendation after a Soul Retrieval Healing

Prerequisite Shamanism 101 . Excellent journeying ability is a prerequisite.
Good journey skills are required. In this class we will explore how to work with the departed as well as the living. We will explore the realms of the afterlife, how can we help people transition, and helpthose who are stuck to cross over. This is a great stand alone class for hospice workers and people who work closely with the terminally ill. We will look at helping others to transition. After this class you will never look at death the same.

VIEW UPCOMING TRAINING AND REGISTER HERE – Investment: $300 prepaid. $325 at the door.
• Purpose and Guideline to Perform Psychopomp
• Prerequisites to Successful Psychopomp
• The Native American Based Psychopomp
• Tracking the Soul into the Light – A multidimensional Approach
• Communicating with Spirit guides and the Higher Self

VIEW UPCOMING TRAINING AND REGISTER HERE – Investment: $300 prepaid. $325 at the door.
• What to do when communication is stopped
• Identifying an intruding spirit
• Bargaining versus Enticing
• Working with Intruding Spirits Affecting Client's Health
• Working with the Higher Self and with the Light
• Sacred Dying Rituals & Crytalizing the Healing
• Respecting Faith • Interfaith Ministry
• Grief, Bereavement and Ethical Concerns
• Warnings and Recommendations

RAISE YOUR VIBRATION CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Offered as a 2 day retreat)
• Over 50 Ways to Change Unwanted Behaviors to Align You to Your Soul Path.
• Self Evaluation: Identifying Challenges and Self Sabotaging Patterns
• Designing and Enjoying Your New Life

• The Seven Levels of Consciousness
• The Rainbow Body: Your Gateway to Awakening
• Know Your Wounds Know Yourself
• Five Character Structure to Identify Strengths and Challenges
• Working with the Energy of Each Chakra for Health and Awakening.
• The Imprint of the Soul Expressed in the Rainbow Body

• The Nature of Dreams
• Working with Dreams
• Boosting your dream state
• How to have Lucid Dreams
• Three methods of dream interpretation
• Ancient & modern practice to nurture the dream.
• Dreams and OBE.

• Eternity is Now
• Life and Death Cycle: What is it about?
• Quantum Jump and Parallel Realities
• Spirits: The Illusion of Good & Bad
• Building Safe & Rewarding Spiritual Relationship

The Nine Rites of the Munay Ki are transmitted to anyone anytime and independently of this program upon request.
• Learn about the Nine Rites of the Munay Ki
• Receive the Four Rites during this class and the other five per appointment.
• Shamanic Reiki attunement
• Working with Space time during a Reiki Healing
• Deepening your partnership to Spirit
• Chanelling Reiki Healing – the gift of ther Seer (shaman)
• Integrating Shamanic technique of healing in your Reiki practice
• Fifith Dimensional Healing using shamanic tracking.
• Soul Remembrance using tracking

The Four Principles of The Mastery of Awareness™

The first is that matter is an illusion. All is energy.
Although our body appears to be very real, beginning with Einstein, modern physics has assured us that this solidity is a mirage. All of physical matter, everything we have around us, is the result of a frequency. And what that also means is, if you amplify the frequency the structure of the matter will change. Essentially our brain trnslates the different patterns of energy that surrounds us and labels them as being the chair or a person, a flower, etc.

The second is that consciousness does not reside in our brain
The myriad of reports of Near Death Experiences attest to this fact with individuals reporting events occurring while they were pronounced being clinically dead. Yet during the very first class you get to experience it for yourself. With one simple exercise you will travel outside your body and experience other realm while still sitting in your chair then sharing with your class mates you can verify that you did not make it up.

The third is that we create our reality.
We have extensive evidence in the field of quantum physics as well as the work of Masuro Emoto of the molecule of water and his Rice experiement. Lynn Mc Taggart's book The Intention Experiment take this one step further looking at the power of our intention in the lab.
We apply this principle in our practice to create the reality that best serves and respect all life.

The fourth is that time is an illusion and eternity is now.
Thru the process of time travel in what we term past and future as well as parallel realities you get first hand experience of this principle .Books, articles and videos resources

infinite creationOnce you experience the true matrix of reality, you not only begin to develop your intuition and your High sensory Perception but you become aware of your relationship to source and all life. You realize that we are all one. From that perspective you no longer live as an Homo Sapien but as what Dr David Hawkins coined to be an Homo Spiritus.–no longer living by the law of the jungle, focused on competition, survival and self preservation but focused on harmony of the whole, self love which is love for all. Destroying life then becomes an aberration.

Therefore the goal of Mastery of Awareness is not the exploration of the unseen reality that surrounds us but by doing so we realize our true potentials as multidimensional being. We realize our true power of co-creator and use our new skill for self healing and to help others. All of the exercise have application in real life situation and their application is only limited by your imagination. By the end of the program your 5 senses have expanded to include High Sensory Perception and intuition as well as intimate relationship with other multi-dimemsional beings.

I began studying this field in 1999. Now, I use my new skills to read the energy field of a person and see inside to body. I can track into time to perceive potential reality. I also receive much help from my higher self. Recently I received a meditation that I would like to share with you to give you an idea of what is possible. I was told to share this meditation with the teachers. You will have the opportunity to experience it in a moment. but f you cannot the audio is on my site at
I use that same skill to write hypnosis script for my clients. As you may know hypnotist rely on canned script to cure many issues. btu every one is different so after the initial interview I go into a meditative state to create a script that fits them and their belief system and talents. I hear the words and I write them down. When you learn to receive information in this way you can apply it to anything. If you are a scientist you can focus on your subject if you are a writer or an artist it is the same. Some of my best painting came to me completely done in a vision.

As you go thru the program which consists of 9 modules that you can take at your own pace, each bringing you deeper into the maping of your multiverse. I say your multiverse because each person will have a unique experience while some aspect of their experience will be repeatable and identical to the rest f the group because we all create our reality but we also agree on a reality to be true.

Joy is found in simple moments of life. From our first breath we have the opportunity it appreciate life.
With gratitude we can change our vibration from one of lack and fear to embracing abundance and joy.
The first step in any change is to become aware of what vibration we are nurturing in ourselves from there we have a choice. Exhale the undesirable and lift your gaze upward to inhale an uplifting thought which transmutes your emotion. Take an active part in co-creating your reality.

Wishing you much success, and an abundance of love, joy and serenity.

Mastery of Awareness One on One Program
for personal healing, growth and spiritual evolution

Each class is 4 hour long. The focus of this program is personal healing, harmony of body, mind spirit and spiritual evolution as well as the development of your High Sensory Perception, psychic skills and intuition. You take this program of study at your own pace. Each class includes one on one spiritual coaching. Some of the supportive work between classes is done remotely through Skype or Hangout connection and via email. Each program can be adapted to your specific needs. Cost for each class is $250.

On Going Study Group on the Fourth Friday of each month

Mastery of Awareness Study Practice is for those who have taken Shamanism 101 or a similar program as well as other Mastery of Awarenes trainings and wish to go deeper in developping their High Sensory Perception of space and time. Meetings are 2 hour long. Participation investment $20 ($50 if teaching is included.)

Astro-Shamanism study group: This is an on going group for those who which to expand the use of the medicine wheel to the Astrological Chart. Meetings are 2 hour long.

Because of the nature of this work this curriculum is constantly evolving and new themes and subject are added to each modules. Be sure to check periodically for changes and additions. Thank you.