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Meet your Higher Self. Experience Past Life Regression, Life between Lives with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. With QHHT youare your own psychic as your Higher Self answers your questions and perform physical and emotional healing...

Quote from Your Soul's Plan:
"To the soul suffering is a natural consequence of judgment. When we awaken and recall that we are immortal souls who cannot be harmed, we release our judgment of life challenges. In their place we embrace a neutrality that reduces suffering and magnifies joy."
— Robert Schwartz

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Access Higher Wisdom, intuitive art class to develop your High Sensory Perception, Built a relationship with your Higher Self and Source/God/Spirit by using art as a process to develop your psychic skills. Learn the vocabulary that your Higher Self uses to communicate with you. This vocabulary is unique to you.

I.E.M.I ©2008-2017

Access Your Higher Wisdom
Intuitive Art Class

You are a multidimensional being. The word of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin captured this reality beautifully:
"We are not human beings having a a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."




During the course of the full day PlayShop you wil learn to recognize the language that your Soul uses to communicate with you. We will use a wide range of methods from meditation, visualization, shamanic journey and intuitive art.

Art as a Process, Intuitive art, What is Intuitive ArtIntuitive art is a powerful intuitive, spiritual and creative practice used to access your higher wisdom which is the voice of your soul expressed by your higher self.
In contrast to your inner wisdom, which taps into the depth of your subconscious reality (past event and trauma in this life), this method taps into the multidimensional recess of your superconscious which is directly linked to the akashic records, itself holding all that has ever happened to you in every life time including this one.

Intuitive painting is the practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. As you release your attachment to producing art and embrace art as a mean of expression of your multidimensional aspect you open yourself to the HIgher Wisdom that is usually revealed in dreamtime and the invisible realms.You open yourself to your innate divine wisdom.

Intuitive art and intuitive painting is a commitment to listening to the voice of your soul, bymaking what is unconscious conscious. By discovering the medicine hidden in the artisitc expression of your soul you awaken to your authentic self. and become more alive.

Indulging in fantasy keeps the mind creative.

Intuitive art is devoting yourself to trusting in the spiritual life force energy that abides in all that is. The wide range of human experiences attest to how diversify this realm truly is. Think of all the emotions we are capable of! This process is not about finding fixes but unveiling what is and then discovering the truth behind the obvious (the primary emotion). The process reveals your power, talents and skills that the soul choose to give you in this life.

Because some experiences are painful or difficult or scary our first impulse is to try to change or fix or resist them. Intuitive art teaches us that we already have all the answers within us. By surrendering to the creative impulse of our multidimensional self we express our true nature in all its strength and splendor and we let go of expectation and judgement.

Intuitive art and intuitive painting is like opening he fridge and taking what's there ot create a great meal without a recipe. It's like improvising a song out of thin air in the shower or while kayaking on your way to Charles island. It's like buidling a sand castle without a a bucket or a blue print; just by letting the wet sand drip from your hands to create the spookiest witch castle ever! It is embracing the process without expectation or preconceived notion of any possible result.
And once you learn to do it with art then the next step is to do it with life!

Focusing on the process of creating rather than the outcome.
In this form of intuitive art you will not be learning the techniques of painting/drawing or of collage when we use collage. But what you will learn is to access your higher wisdom for your highest good; or the highest good of someone else when you learn to align your sefl to their higher self. (Level 2 class)

These classes are appropriate for all levels of painting experience. People come who have never picked up a brush and who have told themselves "I'm not creative" or "I can't paint," only to find their inner painter alive and well. Experienced artists with years of training can also benefit from this approach when they find themselves mired in a creative block or have lost their passion for painting.

The intention is to play and follow your intuition, feeling present and connected with your Higher Wisdom

The Intuitive Art Process
Together we review shapes, colors and symbols that have come to you, in dreams and epiphnies. Using a simple process of relaxation you learn to enter a deep meditative state to reveal the unique language of your soul to identify what each color, shape and symbol means to you. This entire work is done in the safety of sacerd space which you learn to set as well as mean to raise your vibration to chanel the highest and clearest messages. It is about knowing how to tell the difference between your intuitive intelligence and your analytical/judging mind.

Once your vocabulary has been revealed then we PLAY!.
No art expereince is required to use the language with intuitive art. In this method art is used as a process, rather than producing something that is to be judged, appreciated, and displayed for its esthetic value. That is not to say that your creation will not be esthetically pleasing to the observer. But in this process you are the only observer apprecaitng the message ofd your Soul.

Three level of theme are used to go further in depth in the discovery of your multidimension self.

At the end of each session, we reflect on our pieces though a guided writing exercise, followed by an optional group sharing of our the experience and outcomes.​

It is a poweful creative journey to go on, and participants often feel deeply moved by the piece they create.

Please email me to receive advance notice for our next class. as space is limited.
Fee $80 (bring your art supplies--list will be emailed) • $100 art supplies included.
Duration from 10am to 4pm. Location Milford CT.

Intuitive art class Access your higher wisdom. Connect to your higher self, Chanel your higher self